Sören Kornetzki
Release Uploaded
Dancer-Plugin-Device-Layout-v0.1 Dancer v1 plugin Dancer::Plugin::Device::Layout dynamically changes layout to match user agent's best layout. 08 Jun 2013 18:34:55 GMT
Encoding-HandleUtf8-0.004 Fix the encoding for Perl value store (input) and general output (output) to a console or the web. 20 Nov 2014 11:17:55 GMT
HTML-Meta-Robots-v0.3.3 A simple HTML meta tag "robots" generator. 01 May 2013 09:50:37 GMT
Plack-Middleware-ExtractUriLanguage-0.004 Cuts off language tags out of the request's PATH_INFO to simplify internationalization route handlers. 09 Nov 2013 14:07:28 GMT

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