Clive Darke
River gauge Release Uploaded
App-sh2p-0.06 Perl program to aid for conversion from UNIX shell to Perl 08 Feb 2009 20:22:03 GMT
Win32-EnvProcess-0.06 Perl extension to set or get environment variables from other processes 29 Jun 2008 06:44:23 GMT
Win32-FetchCommand-0.04 Filename extension association resolution. 17 Jun 2008 12:52:00 GMT
Win32-IdentifyFile-1.01 Perl extension for to obtain an identity for an NTFS file 30 Jan 2008 13:35:55 GMT
Win32-SearchPath-0.03 Perl extension for the Win32 API SearchPath. 17 Nov 2004 17:48:33 GMT
Win32-StreamNames-1.04 Perl extension for reading Windows ADS names 13 Jan 2009 18:14:17 GMT

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