Dylan Doxey
River gauge Release Uploaded
DBIx-TNDBO-0.02 Wrapper for DBI offers concise syntax. 02 May 2013 05:37:54 GMT
Filter-Arguments-0.14 Configure and read your command line arguments from @ARGV. 10 Aug 2009 08:38:29 GMT
Filter-BoxString-0.05 Describe your multiline strings as BoxStrings. 03 Apr 2011 07:28:09 GMT
Finance-Budget-0.06 A module for helping you predict the effectiveness of your budget. 12 Aug 2017 05:09:34 GMT
Lingua-Translate-Google-0.22 Translation back-end for Google's translation service. 04 Feb 2012 22:56:03 GMT
Term-ANSIColor-Print-0.08 Create and/or print strings with ANSI color markup. 07 Jul 2011 01:34:56 GMT
Term-Chart-0.04 Create attractive bar charts for the terminal interface. 13 Jan 2017 22:58:08 GMT
WWW-Google-Translate-0.10 Perl interface for the Google Translate API 13 May 2017 06:28:56 GMT
WebService-Rakuten-0.05 Object interface to Rakuten webservice 15 Aug 2009 23:34:03 GMT
XML-Crawler-0.01 Crawl an XML document to create a Perl data structure which resembles the XML data structure. 05 Aug 2010 06:33:58 GMT

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