Anthony Kilna
River gauge Release Uploaded
Backticks-v1.0.9 Use `backticks` like objects! 30 Aug 2012 19:18:01 GMT
Config-INIPlus-v1.0.3 Read and write INI-style config files with structure extensions 30 Aug 2012 07:57:14 GMT
File-Copy-Vigilant-1.3 Copy and move files with verification and retries 18 Mar 2016 04:22:03 GMT
Filter-Undent-v1.0.3 Un-indent heredoc strings automatically 30 Aug 2012 01:08:13 GMT
Inline-JSON-v1.0.4 Embed JSON data structures directly into your Perl code 27 Jul 2012 18:49:38 GMT
Quote-Reference-v1.0.4 Create array refs with qwr(...), hash refs with qhr{...} 30 Aug 2012 07:58:41 GMT

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