Leif Johansson
Release Uploaded
Class-OWL-0.0.6 Generate perl classes from OWL schema 27 Jan 2009 13:02:19 GMT
Heimdal-Kadm5-0.08 Perl extension for adminstration of Heimdal Kerberos servers (kadmin) 11 Feb 2010 21:45:54 GMT
Net-CSTA-0.04 Perl extension for ECMA CSTA 07 Dec 2007 17:14:56 GMT
Net-DDDS-0.01 Perl extension for blah blah blah 10 Nov 2008 14:31:04 GMT
Net-SPOCP-0.14 Perl implementation of the SPOCP protocol 27 Dec 2006 09:46:30 GMT

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