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Release Uploaded
DBIx-POS-Template-0.067 is a fork of DBIx::POS. Define a dictionary of SQL statements in a POD dialect (POS) plus expand template sql with embedded Perl using Text::Template. 13 Jul 2016 03:38:34 GMT
Mojo-Log-Che-0.02 Little child of great parent Mojo::Log. 26 Mar 2017 04:49:48 GMT
Mojo-Pg-Che-0.800 mix of parent Mojo::Pg and DBI.pm 18 Feb 2017 13:12:47 GMT
Mojolicious-Che-0.031 Мой базовый модуль для приложений Mojolicious. Нужен только развернутый конфиг. 26 Mar 2017 04:51:16 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-AssetPack-Che-1.401 Child of Mojolicious::Plugin::AssetPack for little bit code. 13 Mar 2017 11:38:10 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-EDumper-0.00003 pretty dumps encoded data. 12 Apr 2016 06:10:05 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-Helper-Vars-0.0002 Stash & every_params to one var named. 17 May 2016 13:11:53 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-JSUrlFor-Angular-0.18 Mojolicious routes as Angular javascript module. 13 Mar 2017 12:39:23 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2-Che-1.539 forked from marcusramberg/Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2 version 1.53. No logic changes. Code text changes only for processing any response tx of API. 25 Jul 2016 05:42:33 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-RenderCGI-0.100 Rendering template with Perl code and CGI.pm funcs/subs for tags emits. 31 Oct 2016 17:16:09 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-RoutesAuthDBI-0.785 from DBI tables does generate routes, make authentication and make restrict access (authorization) to requests. Plugin makes an auth operations throught the plugin Mojolicious::Plugin::Authentication and OAuth2 by Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2. 31 Oct 2016 17:21:29 GMT
lib-remote-0.11 Remote lib for use some modules without install 25 Jun 2013 11:08:06 GMT

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