Vadim Konovalov
Release Uploaded
Devel-tcltkdb-2.1 Perl debugger using a Tcl/Tk GUI 21 Feb 2011 20:45:28 GMT
Devel-tkdb-2.2 Perl debugger using a Tcl/Tk GUI 23 Feb 2011 22:44:22 GMT
Language-Lisp-0.20 Perl extension for connecting to existing common lisp implementation 08 May 2007 21:45:10 GMT
Language-Lisp-ECLs-0.27 Perl extension for ECL lisp 14 Jun 2008 21:24:47 GMT
Tcl-1.02 Tcl extension module for Perl 11 Feb 2011 06:06:07 GMT
Tcl-Tk-1.04 Extension module for Perl giving access to Tk via the Tcl extension 20 Feb 2011 07:56:05 GMT

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