User-Visible AFS::PAG Changes

AFS::PAG 1.02 (2014-07-27)

    Rename NEWS to Changes to match the normal Perl convention.

    Add repository and bugtracker information in the distribution

    Update to rra-c-util 5.5:

    * Use Lancaster Consensus environment variables to control tests.
    * Work around perltidy bug that leaves behind stray log files.
    * Use calloc or reallocarray for protection against integer overflows.

AFS::PAG 1.01 (2013-10-06)

    Define the correct preprocessor symbols to build properly if a libkafs
    or libkopenafs library was found.

    Mark autodie required for configure and use for correct automated
    testing behavior on Perl 5.10.0.  (autodie was added to core in

AFS::PAG 1.00 (2013-09-12)

    Initial public release with support for libkafs, libkopenafs, and
    Linux systems with no support library.  pioctl is not yet supported,
    only hasafs, haspag, setpag, and unlog.  The build system has only
    been tested on Debian.