Revision history for AI-FuzzyEngine

0.1.0   2013-02-08
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.1.1   2013-02-08
        README costumized. POD small improvement. 

0.2.0   2013-02-13
        PDL awareness
        Tests re-factored
        requires perl 5.8.9
        POD improved, PDL sections added

0.2.1   2013-02-14
        Bug in test fixed (use PDL removed)
        versioning of Set and Variable adapted

0.2.2   2013-02-27
        Declaring a version with version->declare() instead of qw()
        A variable can change its sets' membership functions 
        (e.g. within optimisation routines)
        Providing $fe->true() and $fe->false()