Revision history for Perl extension AI::Gene::Sequence.

0.21 Wed Jan 24 13:00:00 2001

BUGFIXES: problem with Makefile.PL & nmake fixed

0.20 Tue Jan 02 23:20:00 2001

Changes   name changed to AI::Gene::*
          speed warnings added to pod

0.13 Sat Dec 30 23:00:00 2000

Added:    mutate_reverse method added to both Sequence and Simple

BUGFIXES: modified makefile to ensure sensible version of perl
          removed eval in mutate method and _normalise

0.12 Fri Dec 29 19:00:00 2000

Added:    Genetics::Gene::Simple package added, with tests (tsimp.t)

BUGFIXES: require 5.6.0 lines.
          documentation made clearer.

0.11 Thu Dec 28 21:00:00 2000

Added:    Extensive test suite (tgene.t)
          mutate_overwrite added

BUGFIXES: Most methods have more gene length related sanity checking.
          So long as positive integers are used as args, then there should
          be no fatal errors through missing the end of substrings.
          mutate when called with ref of probs only worked with keys
          of generic probs hash, this is now fixed.

0.10 Wed Dec 27 21:00:00 2000

Initial public (but buggy) release.