Revision history for Perl extension AI::NeuralNet::Simple.

0.11  November 18, 2006
      Converted from Inline::C to XS
      No longer require 5.008.  5.005 and above should be fine.

0.10  December 29, 2005
      The following changes are all courtesy of Raphael Manfredi
      <Raphael_Manfredi [at]>.
      Added tanh (bipolar) activation function.
      train_set() can now accept an error target to avoid over-training.
      Multiple network support.
      Persistence via storable.

0.02  September 21 2005
      Added pod and pod coverage tests
      Added Sub::Uplevel dependency to stop that annoying error failure :(

0.01  Sat Jan 31 12:19:00 2004
      Applied patch from "Daniel L. Ashbrook" <anjiro [at]>
      to fix a small memory allocation bug in infer()

      Added learn_rate() method to expose the network.learn_rate.  This 
      should help programmers who wish to fine-tune the network training.

0.01  Sun Oct  5 10:03:18 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AX -n AI::NeuralNet::Simple