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* Release 3.06
- Add assumeinstalled option accessors/setters

* Release 3.05
- Add missing get_root and get_dbpath methods to ALPM.
- Assign proper DB class to DB object returned by a package's DB accessor.
- Fix $arch and $repo parsing in mirror list.

Fixes by Andrew Gregory. Thank you!

* Release 3.04

Bugfix for DB::groups infinite while loop.

Fixed by Andrew Gregory. Thank you!

* Release 3.03

ALPM::strerror had been typo-ed as the old ALPM::alpm_strerror in 03-Package.t.
This was preventing errors from being displayed! The package format had been
updated slightly, preventing the custom built packages from generating and
loading properly.

Reported by Stefan Majewsky. Thank you!

* Release 3.02

** Bugfix for find_satisfier and find_dbs_satisfier.

These two functions were causing crashes because of my misuse of a macro
that was screwing up the perl stack.

Reported by Radu Andries. Thank you!

* Release 3.01

** set_pkg_reason moved to ALPM::DB::Local and renamed set_install_reason.

The ALPM object method was relocated to the ALPM::DB::Local class and I have
renamed it to set_install_reason. This was prompted by the libalpm function
name change from alpm_db_set_pkgreason to alpm_pkg_set_reason.

** New ALPM::Package accessors.

 - origin
 - validation
 - signature

** New "desc" field in depends hashref.

If a dependency is optional, it contains a "desc" entry in the hash
reference representation.

** Delta options were renamed.

The old option "usedelta" was renamed to "deltaratio". You'll have to lookup
what this means in libalpm because I never use deltas.

* Release 3.00

** Major rewrite to continue compatibility with Pacman 4.

I rewrote quit a bit of code in order to continue compatibility with the
new pacman 4. This release comes a bit late after pacman 4 but I was
seriously considering not updating this module anymore. I no longer use
ArchLinux as much as I used to. I tried to keep things as backwards
compatible as possible but there were many changes to the API that reflect
libalpm's many API changes.

** ALPM "handle" objects.

The ALPM class now creates objects when an instance of ALPM is
initialized. In libalpm these are called handles. Here they are simply
objects. You will have to change every class method (ALPM->foo) to use
an ALPM object method instead ($alpm->foo). Luckily I decided to use
class methods years ago so this will be less painful.

*** ALPM errors are stored inside handles.

This makes things more difficult for me. Given an ALPM::DB object, if you
call a method on that object and the method fails, I cannot croak an error
message internally because the ALPM handle is not available.

** ALPM::Group is no longer a class.

Packages groups are now simply lists of packages. When you lookup one
specific group then a list is returned. When querying every single
group (i.e. with ALPM::DB's groups method) a list of name/value pairs
is returned to store it into a hash.

* Release 2.01

** Fix tests to work with custom PKGEXT                              :BUGFIX:

   Tests were failing to work when using a different PKGEXT.

** load_pkgfile error changes to croak instead of die                :BUGFIX:

   A minor problem I found.

* Release 2.00

** Upgrade for Pacman 3.5
   Converted to the new libalpm that is distributed with pacman 3.5.

*** alpm_db_register_local removed
    You don't have to call ALPM->register() to register the local DB.
    The local DB is registered automatically when you call
    ALPM->localdb aka ALPM->get_opt( 'localdb' ).  ALPM::ParseConfig
    no longer takes the 'autoregister' parameter.

*** Transaction functions absorbed into install() and uninstall()
    The two new ALPM::Transaction methods, install and uninstall,
    replace the old sync, pkgfile, remove, and sync_from_db

    The new methods take package objects as arguments. The old
    methods took package names as arguments. This reflects the same
    libalpm changes.

** ALPM method aliases removed
   For some reason I made aliases everytime I changed a function name.
   I don't think anyone uses this module anyways so I just yanked out
   a bunch of old method aliases I had setup. The following are
   removed from the ALPM class, just use their alternate names.

   | Removed Method | "New" Method |
   | register_db    | register     |
   | transaction    | trans        |
   | action         | trans        |
   | databases      | dbs          |
   | repodb         | db           |

** New Changelog Format
   Ditched the old GNU-style ChangeLog format for an org-mode file. Old
   ChangeLog entries are at the end of the file...

* Previous Releases

2011-03-05  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* RELEASE (1.03)

	* t: Fix many tests that rely on English language error messages.

	* lib/ALPM/LoadConfig.pm (_make_parser): Change the pacman.conf
	parser to properly recognize fields which are only field names.
	"= <value>" does not necessary follow them.

2011-03-04  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* RELEASE (1.02)

	* lib/ALPM/LoadConfig.pm: Fix bug where config file repos could
	not have hyphens ("-"). Reported by knotty.

2010-11-21  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/ALPM/Package.pm (attribs): Fix attribs to return a list and
	not an array reference.

2010-06-22  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/ALPM.pm (transaction): Removed type parameter from
	transaction method.

	* ALPM.xs: Renamed ALPM::DB method set_server to add_url.

2010-05-29  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* RELEASE (0.08): Uploaded to CPAN.

	* typemap (find_group): Fix a bug with group type conversion.
	This caused ALPM::DB::find_group() to croak instead of (properly)
	returning undef when given a group name that didn't exist.
	Reported by Andre Schmidt. Thanks!

2010-05-24  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* ALPM.xs (ALPM::Package): Renamed compute_requiredby method to

2010-05-02  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* t/04-FakeRepos.t: Add support for .pkg.tar.xz package files.

	* lib/ALPM/LoadConfig.pm: Add support for UseDelta setting in

2010-01-25  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* t/04-FakeRepos.t (create_repos): Fixed problems with test
	04-FakeRepos where packages would fail to build.  Changed
	generated test packages to arch "any" so we don't have to check
	our arch.

	* Makefile.PL: "make clean" will now delete the test repository
	share directories (t/repos/share) and the test root
	directory (t/root) automatically.

2010-01-04  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* 0.5 (RELEASE)

	* lib/ALPM/LoadConfig.pm (_make_parser): Tweaked regex to accept empty values.
	Removed error when an unknown field name is given.

	* lib/ALPM.pm: Added ability to set usedelta option, which was missing.

	* Makefile.PL: Added repository URL to the META.yml.

	* t/07-TiedOptions.t: Hides the warning for the last test using $SIG{__WARN__}.

	* t/04-FakeRepos.t (create_repos): Fixed a bug where I must use
	the --asroot option when running makepkg inside makepkg, because
	of fakeroot.

2009-10-29  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* 0.4: Released version 0.4

2009-10-08  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* lib/ALPM.pm (transaction): 'flags' are now passed as a string
	of flag names separated by spaces.  Added the sysupgrade
	transaction 'type'.

	* ALPM.xs: Added conv and progress callbacks for transactions.

2009-09-03  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* ALPM.xs: s/alpm_pkg_get_/alpm_pkg_/;

	* lib/ALPM/DB.pm: Renamed get_pkg_cache() to packages().

	* lib/ALPM.pm: Changed methods local_db to localdb, get_sync_dbs
	to syncdbs, get_repo_db to repodb, and added search.

	- Updated to version 3.30 of pacman.  The upgrade changes
	many constants and functions.
	- I have declared war on the get_ named methods.  It seems silly
	to have all these get_ methods when there is no set_ method for
	anything except ALPM options (whose prefix I will keep).

2005-08-05  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>
        - Added transaction support with ALPM::Transaction.
	- Implemented callback options to ALPM and also transaction
        callbacks using the transaction() method.
        - Created tied hash interface to ALPM options just for fun.

2009-07-15  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>
	- Added ALPM::LoadConfig which is used to load pacman.conf
        config files

2009-05-03  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>
	- First public release, uploading to CPAN
	- Has just about everything working except syncing/transactions