Revision history for Perl extension Acme::Tools.

See also HISTORY in Acme::Tools doc.

0.24  Feb 2019   Fixed failes on perl5.16 and older

0.23  Jan 2019   Subs: logn, egrep, which. More UTF-8 "oriented" (lower, upper, ...)
                 Commands: zsize, finddup, due (improved), conv (improved, [MGT]?Wh
                 and many more units), due -M for stdin of filenames.

0.22  Feb 2018   Subs: subarr, sim, sim_perm, aoh2sql. command: resubst

0.21  Mar 2017   Improved nicenum() and its tests

0.20  Mar 2017   Subs: a2h cnttbl h2a log10 log2 nicenum rstddev sec_readable
                 throttle timems refa refaa refah refh refha refhh refs
                 eachr globr keysr popr pushr shiftr splicer unshiftr valuesr
                 Commands: 2bz2 2gz 2xz z2z

0.172 Dec 2015   Subs: curb openstr pwgen sleepms sleepnm srlz tms username
                  self_update install_acme_command_tools
                 Commands: conv due freq wipe xcat (see "Commands")

0.16  Feb 2015   bigr curb cpad isnum parta parth read_conf resolve_equation
                 roman2int trim. Improved: conv (numbers currency) range ("derivatives")

0.15  Nov 2014   Improved doc

0.14  Nov 2014   New subs, improved tests and doc

0.13  Oct 2010   Non-linux test issue, resolve. improved: bloom filter, tests, doc

0.12  Oct 2010   Improved tests, doc, bloom filter, random_gauss, bytes_readable

0.11  Dec 2008   Improved doc

0.10  Dec 2008

0.01  Mon Dec 22 01:26:38 2008
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-A -X -n Acme::Tools