Revision history for Perl extension Acme::use::strict::with::pride.

0.04  Tue Jul 26 22:05:24 BST 2005
	Dave's magnificent variable names in "use of uninitialized..." patch
	means that on 5.9.2 and later the error message differs. So adjust the
	test's regexp to cope with both variants.

0.03  Wed Sep 24 20:54:40 BST 2003
	Turn this file the other way up, so recent changes are at the top
	It seems that Test::Harness now turns on warnings everywhere
	(not just pre 5.8.0)
	I guess I assumed that it was 5.6.x because I'd upgraded T::H on
	my 5.6.1 install.
	Anyway, bad modules can now be bad, and all the tests pass.
0.02  Mon Oct 14 22:10:26 BST 2002
	Inspiration on the way home from work - use a "# line " directive to
	force the line numbers in the files, rather than messy $SIG{__WARN__}
	and $SIG{__DIE__} handlers to launder the error messages later.
	About an hour and a bit later, having discovered that coderef INC
	filters (if not all filters - check this carefully) can't return
	multiple lines in the same string, finally get the bugger working.
	Also add a test to check that we can actually load the modules without
	warnings or errors before using Acme::use::strict::with::pride
	Break the tiehandle out into a new package GagMe;
	(Well, it seemed to be an accurate description of what it is doing to

0.01  Sat Oct 12 17:55:41 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-b 5.6.0 -X -n Acme::use::strict::with::pride