Revision history for Perl extension AddressBook.

0.16  2/02/2001
    - Makefile.PL now builds a config file for the LDAP backend test script.	 

0.15  1/22/2001	
    - Added "anonymous" parameter to LDAP constructor to support anonymous binds.
0.14  1/18/2001	
    - Added support for 'url', 'lurl', and 'textblock' attribute types
    - Object persistance fix for
    - Missing example files added to MANIFEST
0.13  1/14/2001	

    - Added phonelist.cgi sample script
    - Added abook.palm (direct) and (for PilotManager) sample scripts
    - Configuration file now supports defining multiple backends of the same type (a.k.a.
      "backend aliasing").  The 'driver' attribute determines the backend type.
    - LDAP searches are now "strict" by default.  The "fuzzy" parameter can be used
      for approximate matching.
    - Sync changes
      - Before comparing entries, attributes that exist in one database 
	but not the other are deleted from both the master's and the slave's entries.
      - Because records in the slave may contain less information than those in the master,
	it is necessary to 'merge' entries when the slave's entry is newer (rather than 
	simply overwriting the master's entry as was done previously).  One side effect
	of this is that attributes deleted on slave entries will reappear unless they are
	deleted on the master.  This is similar to the way that records deleted on
	the slave will also reappear unless they are deleted on the master.
    - PDB backend changes:
      - phone label overrun fix
      - now handles multi-valued attributes
      - now removes deleted records 'on the fly'.
0.12  12/27/2000

    - Major changes to HTML backend
    - added AddressBook::Entry->fill and AddressBook::Entry->chop methods
    - added AddressBook::Config->getMeta method
    - various changes to support multi-valued attributes
    - calculated attribute config changes
0.11  12/05/2000

    - "databases" section of config file now contains tags named for each

0.10  12/04/2000

    * First publically available release
    - Documentation added
    - Constructor syntax enhancements
0.05  11/27/2000	

    - Backend-specfic meta-attributes in config file
0.04  11/27/2000

    - PDB backend now uses pilot-link libraries and supports syncing
0.03  11/13/2000

    - sync function added
0.02  11/2/2000

    - XML config file.  Among other things, this allows _all_ configuration to be
      done at runtime.  Multiple configurations can be used at the same time (for
      things like syncing one LDAP server with another).
    - dn construction is now configurable
    - support for "calculated" fields.  As in ldap-abook wherein "cn=givenname .
      lastname", etc...
    - Added LDIF backend
    - Added more backend functions.  The backends now support the following:
      - LDAP: add, delete, update, search
      - LDIF: add, read, reset, truncate
      - Text: add
      - DBI: search, add, truncate
      - HTML: show 
    - Internally, I moved all knowledge of the field name translations to the Entry
      object.  Instead of backend having to do forward and reverse field name
      lookups in the configuration hashes, now they can request an attribute hash
      with the appropriate key names from the Entry object.  In other words,
      $entry->get(db=>LDAP) returns a hash whose keys are those defined for the
      LDAP backend.  This ended up making backend functions much easier to write &

0.01  8/13/2000
   - original version; created by h2xs 1.19