Revision history for Ado

0.935 2017-09-02
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 7.43.
  - Now trying to use ado.conf and ado.sqlite from $app->ado_home
    if the files are not found in $app->home.

0.934 2017-06-17
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 7.33.
  - Upgraded to Perl::Critic 1.28 and Test::Perl::Critic 1.03.

0.933 2016-12-05
  - Fixed occasionally failing test in t/basic.t.
  - Required some higher versions for recommended modules.

0.932 2016-12-04
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 7.11, Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2 1.53
    and probably others.
  - Fixed failing test in t/basic.t.
  - Cleared trailing spaces - RTKH (Artur Khabibullin).
  - Made some sub arguments assignment slightly more
    efficient - KABANOID (Michael Katasonov).

0.931 2016-07-06
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 7.01.
  - Fixed some failing tests with the new Mojo.
  - Unnoticeable pod reformatting.

0.930 2016-04-15
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 6.58.
  - Expanded templates from Ado::Plugin::Auth.
  - Fixed bugs related to improper dynamic routes names usage.

0.921 2015-06-03
  - Fixed query from i18n table to retrieve translated messages.
  - Rearranged Plugin::MarkdounRender tests to avoid potential failures.

0.92 2015-06-01
  - Ado::Control::list_for_json() accepts a new argument $meta for arbitrary
  content, specific to the served resource.
  - Removed a lot of debug messages.
  - Added database storage for lexicons to Ado::I18n.
    Now plugins can store their translated messages in i18n table.
    See Ado::Plugin::Vest as example.
  - Refactored and improved /articles section.
  - Decided not to remove documents from public/doc. They will be used as
    end-user documentation and written when time permits.

0.91 2015-05-10
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI 0.17 to use only some of
    Semantic UI components. This way the first rendering of the default
    page is faster on the browser side.
  - Implemented header_css and header_javascript helpers to add minimalistic asset
    management. Used to refer specific Semantic UI components from templates
    and render links to them in the <head> section of the default layout.
  - The /help section is deprecated and will be removed in the next release.
  - Other cleanups...

0.901 2015-05-01
  - Fixed bug in Ado::Plugin::Auth. Now you can disable local authentication
    and use only OAuth2 authentication methods.
  - Tested and works with Mojolicious 6.10.
  - Cleaned up some (now seeming meaningless) TODOs.

0.90 2015-04-26
  - Using $app->moniker instead of hardcodded 'ado' in
  - Allow when Ado is installed globally application specific plugin
    configuration to override the global plugin configuration.
  - Improved test coverage of Ado, Ado::Plugin and
    Ado::Command::generate::adoplugin. Total: 81.7% with TEST_AUTHOR set.

0.89 2015-04-19
  - Added hard dependency to Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2 1.52.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 6.08.
  - Added method by_email to Ado::Model::Users.

0.88 2015-04-18
  - Updated Ado::Manual::Intro Ado::Manual::Plugins and Ado::Manual::Installation.
    Created Ado::Manual::FiveMinutes.
  - Ado::Plugin::MarkdownRenderer also makes its configuration available for
    usage at runtime by controller classes.
  - Implemented Ado::Control::Articles specifically for Ado::Manual::FiveMinutes.

0.87 2015-03-30
  - Moved table domains to Ado::Plugin::Site.
  - Improved Error reporting in do_sql_file in Ado::Plugin::AdoHelpers.
  - Fixed bug in Ado::Sessions. It was failing to set default session type.

0.86 2015-03-30
  - Started work in Ado::Build to handle upgrades beside installations
    so the sqlite database is not replaced with the newly installed version
    and thus destroing content of unconscious users - Alpha.
  - Writing Ado::Manual::Intro.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 6.05!

0.85 2015-03-22
  - Added hook 'after_login', emited by Ado::Plugin::Auth.
  - Added possibilty to add items to the adobar menu
    via session->{adobar_links}.
  - $CODENAME changed to
  - Showing current controller and action only when in development mode
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI 0.15!
  - Upgraded to DBIx::Simple::Class 1.009!
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::DSC 1.005!
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 6.03!
  - Aded 'query' - hash reference - containing the parameters in Ado::Control::list_for_json().

0.84 2015-03-13
  - Requiring Mojolicious 6.0 explicitly.
  - Using Perl::Critic 1.124. Simplified t/.perlcriticrc.
  - Fixed bug in comands apache2htaccess and apache2vhost.
    They were failing to find their templates.
    Feedback by Francisco Ortiz-Muñoz. Thanks Francisco!

0.83 2015-02-27
  - Continued with cleanups. New changes are applyed as need
    arises while working on Ado::Plugin::Admin.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 6.0!

0.82 2015-02-24
- Improved Ado::_initialise.
- Adding paths to bundled files only in case Ado is used as a
  library. Otherwise Mojo does it anyway.

0.81 2015-02-24
  - Implemented Ado::ado_home - pointing always to where
    Ado is installed.
  - Moved default initialisation from ado.conf to Ado::_initialise.
  - Improved Ado::Manual.

0.80 2015-02-22
  - Implemented do_sql_file application helper in Ado::Plugin::AdoHelpers.
  - Improved documentation.
    Added the newly created google group Ado-dev to Ado::Manual page.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.81.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::DSC 1.002.

0.79 2015-02-15
  - $ENV{MOJO_HOME} is not set explicitly any more.
    Detecting properly app->home and falling back to Mojo::home.
  - Cleanups.
    - Moved Ado::Control::Ado to Ado-Plugin-Admin where it logically belongs.
  - Fixed broken tests with Mojolicious < 5.78 - Renee Baecker (RENEEB). Thanks!
  - Works with Mojolicious 5.79 too.

0.78 2015-02-01
  - Improved documentation.
  - Cleanups.
    - Moved Ado::Control::Ado::Users and
      Ado::Control::Ado::Default to Ado::Plugin::Admin distribution.
    - Moved generic routes to be always defined last.

0.77 2015-01-24
  - Happy Christmass and New Year!
  - Applied for Grant from TPF:
    This proposal will be used as roadmap.
  - Fixed typo in Ado::Build SYNOPSIS. Thanks RSAVAGE, WEBY.
  - Do not use deprecated in Mojolicious 5.73 $c->render_exception()
    and $c->render_not_found(). Use $c->reply->not_found() and
    $c->reply->exception() instead.
  - Started cleanups:
    Removed templates/добре/ок.html.ep just to reduce
  - Noted in etc/ado.conf that arbitrary Perl code can be executed
    when connecting to the database.
  - POD improvements and cleanups.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI 0.11.

0.76 2014-12-14
  - Cleaned up Login form. It is used for local login only.
  - Not using flags for languages. Language menu is now a dropdown menu.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::DSC 1.000 to be able to execute
    perl code upon connecting to the database.
  - Implemented unicode aware upper() and lower() for SQLite.
  - The name of the authentication method is now shown beside its icon
    in the "Sign in" dropdown menu.

0.75 2014-11-26
  - $CODENAME changed to
  - Cleaned up Ado::Build and Ado::BuildPlugin.
  - Implemented experimental authentication via Facebook.
  - Improved Ado::Plugin::Auth documentation.

0.74 2014-11-22
  - Fixed path to reset.min.js from Semantic-UI.
  - Fixed regression with I18n and Mojolicious 5.62.
  - Code optimisations.

0.73 2014-11-17
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI 0.08.
  - Works with Mojolicious 5.62.

0.72 2014-11-15
  - Emphasized the passwordless login feature in Ado::Plugin::Auth.
  - overeall improvement of Ado::Plugin::Auth documentation.
  - Added Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2 as a recommended dependency.
    It will be required only if some of the supported providers is enabled.
  - Implemented experimental authentication via Google.
  - Added hook "after_user_add" emited by Ado::Plugin::Auth.
  - Added German language (Joachim Astel). Thanks!
  - Improved Ado::Manual::Plugins a lot.

0.71 2014-11-01
  - Fixed bug in Ado::Plugin::home_dir(). Wrong assumption regarding %INC keys.
  - Removed unused Test::AdoPlugin.
  - Improved Test coverage (total: 85.9).
  - Works with Mojolicious 5.56. New versions will not be required in Build.PL
    unless necessary.

0.70 2014-10-28
  - Implemented more safe $c->user and user helper
    in which some fields are not available.
  - Improved Ado::Control::require_formats(@formats).
  - Improved Ado::Model::Users::by_group_name($group, $limit, $offset).
  - TODO: Improve Test Coverage.

0.69 2014-10-26
  - $CODENAME changed to
  - Switched from favicon.ico to favicon.png for better quality.
  - Fixed popup positioning and appearance of the logo in the main menu.
  - Added the condition 'ingroup' to Ado::Plugin::Auth.
  - Implemented Ado::Model::Users::by_group_name($group, $limit, $offset).

0.68 2014-10-25
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.54.
  - Added templates/not_found.html.ep.
  - Upgraded to DBD::SQLite 1.44.
  - Dramatic performance improvement with 'PRAGMA synchronous = OFF' and
    'PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL'.
  - Improved Ado::Command::adduser documentation.

0.67 2014-10-10
  - Fixed failing tests for Ado::Plugin::I18n after upgrade and improved it.
  - Added universal exception.html.ep.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.48.
  - Added helper to_json to Ado::Plugin::AdoHelpers, same as
  - Assuming stupidly an UTF-8 terminal for command 'adduser'.
  - Defined defaults - stash variables $language and $language_from
    in Ado::Plugin::I18n.

0.66 2014-09-30
  - Improved Ado::Control::list_for_json() to accept an arrayref of simple hashes.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.47.
  - Fixed failing test with Mojolicious 5.47.
  - Fixed detection of Ado::Plugin home directory under Windows.
  - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI 0.06.

0.65 2014-09-21
    - Removed plugin "vest" listed in etc/ado.conf but not yet on CPAN.

0.64 2014-09-21
    - Preparing for the first Ado plugin - Ado::Plugin::Vest,
      that will be an example of how to build applications on Ado.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI 0.05.
    - Renamed method PERL_FILES to PERL_DIRS in Ado::Build.
    - Importing PERL_DIRS in Ado::BuildPlugin so it can be used
      for plugins like Ado::Build is used for installing Ado.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.42.
    - Fixed bug in Ado::Control::validate_input().
    - Added dummy records in tables groups and users.
    - Test::AdoPlugin is deprecated.
    - In Ado::Plugin::initialise() now we also check for plugin specific
      public folder and add it to Ado $app->static->paths.
    - Downgraded to Module::Build 0.42.

0.63 2014-09-09
    - Deleted public/vendor/Semantic-UI.
    - Now example pages depend on Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI,
      but you can just comment 'SemanticUI' in ado.conf and it will not be loaded.
    - Today in 1944 the communists took over Bulgaria.
      As a consequence in 1951 my grand-daddy got bitten and killed by them.

0.62 2014-09-07
    - Ado::Plugin: simplified guessing of home_dir and speeded it up.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.39.
    - Started work on Mojolicious::Plugin::SemanticUI.
      Semantic UI will go there and Ado will depend on this plugin.

0.61 2014-09-01
    - Fixed failing test of on Windows.
    - Added example configuration for Hypnotoad in etc/ado.conf.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.36.
    - Upgraded to Module::Build 0.4210.
    - Upgraded to Email::Address 1.905.
    - Upgraded to Locale::Maketext 1.25.

0.60 2014-08-31
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.35.
    - Changed option in Ado::Command::generate::apache2htaccess
      from m|module=s@ to M|modules=s@ and explained the limitation in
    - Fixed failing test on Windows in t/command/adoplugin-01.t.

0.59 2014-08-28
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.33.
    - Improved guessing of 'home_dir', 'lib' and 'templates_root' for CRUD in
      Ado::Command::generate::adoplugin. 'templates_root' defaults to 'templates'.
    - Improved guessing of 'lib' in Ado::Command::generate::crud.
    - Added guessing of templates folder to Ado::Plugin.
      Developing plugins should now be easy!!!
    - $CODENAME changed to
    - Cleanups, test fixes and documentation improvements.
    - Presented Ado at YAPC::EU 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria on 23 August
    - Published presentation on Slideshare:
    - Improved Ado::Sessions::File.

0.58 2014-08-18
    - Set specific minimum versions of required modules when
      $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR} is 1.
    - Ado::Plugin::config_dir now defaults to etc/plugins
      relative to the plugin base directory.
    - Implemented Ado::Plugin::home_dir, pointing to the plugin
      base directory, no matter where the plugin is installed.
    - Moved 'app' accessor up to Ado::Command::generate so it can be reused
      by other generators.
    - Implemented Ado::Command::generate::crud->routes and used it in
    - In Ado::Command::generate::crud:
      - renamed argument 'lib_root' to 'lib';
      - added argument home_dir, so files can be dumped to arbitrary directory,
        and at the same time keeping the file structure.
      - Removed 'TODO' marker in crud.t
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.29.
    - Updtaed the default index page.

0.57 2014-08-14
    - Cleanups and clarifications in "Changes" file - no code changes.

0.56 2014-08-14
    - Improved documentation. TODO - fix pod-spelling.t (falselly passing).
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.28.
    - Improved tests and refactored Ado::Command::generate::crud.

0.55 2014-08-03
    - $CODENAME changed to
    - Added SQL::Abstract as recommended module.
    - Upgraded to DBIx::Simple::Class 1.008.
    - Upgraded to Semantic UI 0.19.0.
    - Added highly experimental Ado::Command::generate::crud
      to boost adoption of Ado even more.
    - Improved documentation.

0.54 2014-07-25
    - Implemented experimental Ado::Command::generate::adoplugin.
      This command should boost Ado expansion.
    - Implemented Ado::Plugin::initialise() to reduce boilerplate code
      and improved Ado::Plugin::config().
    - Refactored all Ado plugins accordingly.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.17.

0.53 2014-07-20
    - Improved Ado::Plugin. Added support for Mojolicious::Plugin::JSONConfig
      and arbitrary configuration format per plugin.
    - Removed monkey-patched Text::MultiMarkdown code from
      Ado::Plugin::MarkdownRenderer. My patch was accepted. Thanks BOBTFISH.
    - Upgraded to Text::MultiMarkdown 1.000035.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.15.

0.52 2014-07-13
    - Added new MIME type .manifest to apache2htaccess.ep.
      Removed rule for external 302 redirects for static files.
      Let mod_rewrite just internally rewrite the path.
    - Added method define_mime_types to Ado.
    - Did cleanups recommended by SRI.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.13.

0.51 2014-07-05
    - Fixing  failing tests under Windows.

0.50 2014-07-04
    - Fixed tests for commands "generate apache2*" to properly initialise
    - Made sure we have forward slashes in produced Apache configuration files.
    - Fixed failing tests for Ado::Plugin::Example due to stupidly ignored file.
    - Improved Ado::Plugin.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.12.

0.49 2014-07-03
    - Fixed again failing tests on Windows ("The getpwuid function is unimplemented").
    - Added support for mode specific plugin configuration files.
    - Preferred Plack + FCGI + FCGI::ProcManager over Mojo::Server::FastCGI and
      improved apache2htaccess.ep.

0.48 2014-06-29
    - Fixed again failing tests on Windows.
      Replaced backslashes with forward slashes.
    - Moved most of the INSTALL section from READMEs
      to Ado::Manual::Installation.
    - Made READMEs smaller.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.10.

0.47 2014-06-18
    - $CODENAME changed to
    - No more major features (plugins, commands) will be added to Ado for now.
      Ado core will be polished, made more stable and some
      of the current features and assets will eventually go to plugins.
      It is time for plugins.
    - Fixed failing tests on Windows.
    - Improved and fixed apache2htaccess.ep.
      Using $^X in FcgidWrapper so bin/ado is executed with our own Perl.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.09.
    - Requiring Module::Build 0.4204 now because $self->install_base
      returns string (the path) and not an ARRAY reference when
      using --install_base=/custom/path.
    - Added notes about local::lib to Ado::Manual/INSTALL.

0.46 2014-06-16
    - Added new command Ado::Command::generate::apache2vhost.
    - Added new command Ado::Command::generate::apache2htaccess.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.07.
    - Fixed tests and code using "redirect_to" according to the new behavior.
    - Upgraded to Semantic UI 0.18.0.

0.45 2014-06-02
    - Fixed failing tests with Mojolicious 5.00
      (caused by "Changed return value of path_for method in Mojolicious::Routes::Match.").
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 5.02.
    - Improved documentation a bit.

0.44 2014-05-29
    - Fixed typos in documentation.

0.43 2014-05-25
    - Default page now has a Bulgarian variant.

0.42 2014-05-18
    - Fixed typos and improved POD.
    - Added Ado::Plugin::I18n to the list of the end-user
      features at the bottom of the home page.
    - Created and used templates/partials/logo.html.ep.
    - Created embedded template languages_menu.html.ep in Ado::Plugin::I18n
      and used it on the home page. This is a usage example.
    - Added jQuery Cookie Plugin v1.4.1.
    - Added some flag icons from
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.99.
    - Upgraded to Semantic UI 0.17.0

0.41 2014-05-11
    - Translated to Bulgarian.
    - Menu items in adobar.html.ep now are only icons.
    - Implemented Ado::Plugin::I18n.
      First lexicons are in English and Bulgarian.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.98.
    - Removed unneeded Ado::Model::SqliteSequence
    - $CODENAME changed to
      because we have multilanguage support now.
    - На 11 май Българската православна църква (БПЦ)
      почита Светите братя Кирил и Методий и отбелязва
      възстановяването на Българската патриаршия през 1953 г.

0.40 2014-05-04
    - Started translation of end-user documentation to English.
      Translated in English ,rewrote
      Started translation of to Bulgarian.
    - Temporarily monkey-patched Text::MultiMardown to support
      anchors when <base href="<%= url_for('/')->base %>" /> tag
      is used in templates.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.97.
    - Upgraded to Semantic UI 0.16.1

0.39 2014-04-15
    - Fixed missing 'require' in Build.PL for Email::Address.
    - Fixed 'require' in Build.PL for Mojolicious 4.93.

0.38 2014-04-14
    - Bugfix in ado build test.
    - Improved "adduser" functionality.
    - Added Email::Address for validating... well, email addresses.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.93.
    - Upgraded to Semantic UI 0.15.5
    - Drawn the public/img/Ado-Building-Blocks.svg diagram.

0.37 2014-04-05
    - Added experimental Ado::Command::adduser.
    - Small improvements and higher test coverage in Ado::Plugin::Auth.
    - Made Ado::Command more consistent with Ado::Plugin.

0.36 2014-03-22
    - Improved documentation.
    - Added sha1.js from CryptoJS v3.1.2.
    - Fixed typos and improved the home page.
    - Added a subset of Free Serif font to use the GLAGOLITIC alphabet
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.90.
    - Upgraded to Semantic UI 0.15.1
    - Shamelessly stollen and modified a background pattern from jQuery UI.
    - Added Ado::Plugin::AdoHelpers.
    - Added Ado::Control::Test controller for testing plugins.
    - Implemented experimental digest access authentication with Ado::Plugin::Auth.

0.35 2014-03-01
    - Честита Баба Марта!
    - Improved documentation.
    - Added default/index.html.ep template and
      default index page content.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.85.
    - Fixed failing test in t/sessions/database.t

0.34 2014-02-23
    - Optimised /help User Unterface for hand-held devices.
    - Added text in Bulgarian to,,,,,,,, - TODO:
      Translate them to English.
    - Optimized Ado::Control::generator().
    - Added markdown() helper to MarkdownRenderer plugin.

0.33 2014-02-20
    - Really fixed failing test under Windows.
    - Really upgraded to Mojolicious 4.83.

0.32 2014-02-19
    - Fixed failing test under Windows.
    - Removed base_url option passed to Text::MultiMarkdown.
    - Implemented "next" and "previous" page navigation in help app.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.83.

0.31 2014-02-16
    - Implementented Ado::Plugin::MarkdownRenderer
    - Included "Semantic UI" CSS and JavaScript framework.
      It will be the default UI framwework for Ado.
    - Implemented simple functional documentation system (/help)
      and used Ado::Plugin::MarkdownRenderer and Semantic UI
      to render documentation. Added dummy "lorem ipsum" content.
    - $CODENAME changed to
      because we have the first end-user application in Ado now.
    - We started adding end-user features now.
    - Added accessor 'CODENAME' to Ado.
    - Added accessors 'keywords' and 'description' to Ado::Control.
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.81.

0.30 2014-02-02
    - Fixed tests by making sure touched files have proper permissions.
    - Removed unneeded t/etc.

0.29 2014-02-02
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.75.
    - Fixed stupid mistakes in t/session/database.t.

0.28 2014-02-02
    - This is a bugfix release.
    - Have a testing copy of ado.conf and ado.sqlite in t/etc.
    - Checking for Test::Output in t/command/version.t.
    - Creating README only if $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR}.

0.27 2014-01-29
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.71.
    - Experimental CORS-ready Ado::Sessions with file
      and database storage.
    - Fixed bug in Ado::Build::ACTION_dist.
      It was not emptying log files.

0.26 2014-01-11
    - Improved Ado::Command::version output.
    - Improved Ado::Manual.
    - Not depending on Mojo::Util in Ado::Build.
    - Fixed small bug in create_readme() and optimized it.
    - Installing to the more popular "siteprefix" by default.
    - Fixed failing test because of missing Test::Output.

0.25 2014-01-01 20:27:50 CET
    - Added more tests for Ado::Build (test coverage is > 90%).
    - Fixed ACTION_perltidy. We do not modify Build.PL any more.
    - Fixed stupid bug in manifest.t

0.24 2013-12-31 17:09:24 CET
    - This is an important release.
    - Introduced Ado::Command::version and the concept of $CODENAME.
    - We have a stabilised Build process.
    - Fixed ACTION_uninstall and ACTION_fakeuninstall (Valcho).
    - Fixed failing pod-coverage.t because of -T switch (Valcho).
    - Fixed ACTION_perltidy - was not tidying t/*.t files.
    - Added tests for ACTION_perltidy.
    - Introduced t/ado-build.t.

0.23 2013-12-30 03:14:17 CET
    - Added experimental tests for Ado::Build.
    - Fixed ACTION_perltidy - did not tidy Build.PL
    - Dynamically generating  META.json and META.yml
      depending on if $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR} is set
      thus requiring fewer dependencies.
    - Updated Manual.pod
    - Added uninstall and fakeuninstall actions to Ado::Build (Valcho).
    - Fixed wrong install_path for lib directory
      when "--install_base" is not passed as argument.
    - Using Perl's $Config{siteprefixexp} for
      other directories: qw(etc public log templates).

0.22 2013-12-29 03:30:38 CET
    - Refactored creation of, kept README.
    - Wellcome Valcho to the core team :)!
    - Removed $ADO_HOME (by popular demand)
      and symplified installation process a lot.
    - Improved Manual.pod/README.

0.21 2013-12-28 03:37:42 CET
    - Added build action submit (draft).
    - Added build action "perltidy" - see Ado::Build.
      deleted:    bin/ado_perltidy
      Thanks to Vulcho Nedelchev(WEBY) for the inspiration.
    - Improved list_for_json in Ado::Control.
    - Implemented validate_input in Ado::Control.
    - Implemented Test::AdoPlugin.
    - Huge enhancements in documentation
      (mostly in Ado::Manual::Contributing).
    - Shut up "Wide character in print" from Pod::Spelling.

0.20 2013-12-24 03:22:10 CET
    - Removed dependency IO::Socket::SSL - not mandatory yet
    - Upgraded to Mojolicious 4.63
    - Enhanced Ado::Manual
    - Skipping pod-coverage.t under Perl 5.014

0.19 2013-12-23 00:37:22 CET
    - More strict checks regarding --install_base.
      use 5.014 to enable say().

0.18 2013-12-22 17:34:32 CET
    - Removed release_status=>'unstable' from Build.PL.
      This does not mean much.
    - Started developing an external plugin - Ado::Plugin::Mess.
    - First attempt for a logo.

0.17 2013-12-21 00:11:06 CET
    - Refactored list() in Ado::Control::Ado::Users
      and implemented list_for_json in Ado::Control.
    - Added test users test1 and test2.
    - Added dummy missing actions to Ado::Control::Ado::Users.
    - Added $c->require_formats(['json', 'xml', 'etc']) to Ado::Control.
    - Enhanced _set_env in Ado::Build.
    - Lower required Perl version to 5.014000.
    - Enhanced POD.
    - Requiering EV and  IO::Socket::IP as recommended
      in Mojo::IOLoop for better scalabality and non-blocking apps.
    - Added tests for POD spelling.
    - Spellchecked and corrected all the POD.

0.16 2013-12-19 00:03:47 CET
    - Implemented Ado::BuildPlugin (untested).
    - Enhanced Ado::Build documentation and
      added $ENV{HOME} directory detection.
    - Moved code from Build.PL to Ado::Build::create_build_script().
    - Requiring Mojolicious 4.60

0.15 2013-12-15 17:44:48 CET
    - Now we requre and set ADO_HOME upon install so plugins can
      easily find their installation paths
    - Put bin/ado environment initialization into _set_env().
      Added informative message about ADO_HOME.
    - Set lib and arch install paths to "lib".
    - Enhanced documentation.
    - Implemented custom automatic README
      generation from Ado::Nabual.
    - Improved Build.PL

0.14 2013-12-14 14:11:45 CET
    - Setting explicitly MOJO_MODE in bin/ado
    - Better detection for MOJO_HOME and MOJO_CONFIG
    - Enhanced the Build process,
      added ACTION_build, ACTION_dist process_log_files
      and _empty_log_files to Ado::Build.
    - Enhanced Ado::Plugin::Routes, added tests.
    - Implemented Ado::Plugin::Routes.
    - Again changed the routes structure in config.
      Every route description is simply a HASHREF.
    - Enhanced documentation.
    - Reenabled pod-coverage tests.

0.13 2013-12-10 01:44:30 CET
    - Removed usage of PoweredBy.
    - Lower required Perl version to 5.014002.
    - Temporarily disabled pod-coverage tests.

0.12  2013-12-09 00:33:05 CET
    - Requiring Mojolicious::Plugin::DSC 0.999,
      IO::Socket::SSL 1.957, Mojolicious 4.59.
    - Changed plugins description in config file
      from HASHREF to ARRAYREF.
    - Added Ado::Control::Ado::Users, Ado::Plugin, Ado::Manual::Plugin,
    - $config->{routes} is now an ARRAYREF.
    -Implemented example (Ado::Control::Ado::Users::list()) of following
    "RESTful Service Best Practices" from

0.11  2013-11-30 14:04:39 CET
    - Added minimal database schema and data SQL files.
    - Added generated by DBIx::Simple::Class::Schema
      classses for manipulating tables.
    - Fixed typos in documentation here and there.
    - Ado::Manual is the default page for PODRenderer
    - Added ACTION_install to Ado::Build.
    - Switched from prefix to install_base.

0.10  2013-11-23 19:56:09 CET
    - We have a working application with several common
      predefined routes and controllers.