2017-08-17  Juan J. merelo  <jmerelo@penny>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm: Changed to 0.3 since I
	didn't use canonical versioning from the very beginning, which was

2017-08-16  Juan J. merelo  <jmerelo@penny>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm: A maintenance release that
	includes new scripts for benchmarking and has been tested to the
	last version of Perl. Just as a way of celebrating CPAN day.  

2016-03-23  JJ Merelo  <jmerelo@flash>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm: just a few test changes to bump up version. Adds also exception test.

2012-03-27  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* script/simple-EA.pl: Used the wrong file for this, so I changed
	the good one, this one. Changed a bit docs, too.

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm
	(get_pool_binary_tournament): Added binary tournament, a less
	greedy way of selection which seems to work a bit better and is a
	bit faster.

2011-12-06  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm (single_generation):
	Changing documentation and adding a rather useless

2011-11-06  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@sheldon>

	* MANIFEST: Taking out unneeded files, and putting in those needed 

Revision history for Algorithm-Evolutionary-Simple

0.0.1  Thu Nov  3 19:22:26 2011
       Initial release.