Revision history for Perl extension Algorithm::Evolve.

	- Update selection/replacement dispatch method to play well with DProf,
	  may change back someday..
	- Speedup of A::E::Util::str_agreement at the price of utf8
	- Other misc speedups
	- Change StringEvolver to use blessed hash, for better reuse prospects
	- Added ArrayEvolver, mimicking StringEvolver for array genes
	- Added "Breeding Perls" example

0.02	Mon May 19 2003
	- Added gladitorial selection/replacement
	- Added co-evolving rock-paper-scissors example
	- Lots of POD updates, added POD to
	- Added array utils to Algorithm::Evolve::Util
	- Some switches can be changed dynamically (selection, replacement,
	  parents & children per generation)

0.01	Sun Feb 23 2003
	- Initial release