Revision history for Perl extension Algorithm::Networksort.

	Thu June 21 2018
	- Changed colorsettings(), which wasn't following the
	  documentation correctly.
	- Encapsulated Postscript works again.
	- Encapsulated Postscript now can have color.
	- At some point when I was new to Perl, I learned the 
	      unpack("B32", pack("N", $x))
	  idiom, not realizing that sprintf() had added a "%b"
	  flag to its format. Sigh. Made the changes everywhere.

	Fri Feb  9 2018
	- Keys 'radius' and 'stroke_width' of graphsettings() split
	  into two each for the input lines and the comparator lines,
	  becoming 'inputradius' and 'compradius', and 'inputline'
	  and 'compline'.  Zero-width radii (indicating no circle at
	  all) for either line is possible, and the comparator lines
	  and circles may be a different widths than the input lines
	  and circles.
	- The settings of the text version of diagrams are now set
	  with function textsettings(), as making graphsettings()
	  handle it all was ridiculous, not to mention the key
	  collisions with the changes above.
	- Check for "monotone" diagrams. If all the colors are
	  the same, just set the color once in the SVG or
	  EPS output instead of setting the color for each part
	  of the diagram, resulting in a smaller file.
	- Update the t/ and eg/ files to use the above changes.

	Sun Jan 14 2018
	- Test file best.t only skips networks of input size > 16
	  instead of all skipping all networks if AUTHOR_TESTING
	  isn't set.
	Fri Jan 12 2018
	- Added Designing Sorting Networks to the book list.
	- Added David C. Van Voorhis's 16-input network (found in
	  Designing Sorting Networks) to
	Wed Apr 20 2016
	- Add nwsrt_title() to the list of default exported functions
	  in for consistency with and for the
	  programs that call it.
	- Explain this in documentation.
	- Also for consistency, =item items are now enclosed in
	  single quotes in both modules.
	- Grey background in SVG at begining lightened up.

	Tue Apr 12 2016
	- The module now returns the sorting network as an object.
	  This is obviously a major change; please see the documentation
	  for reassuring examples.  The OO basis is Moose, plus
	  Moose::Exporter for a couple of convenience functions. The
	  function-heavy Version 1.30  will remain on CPAN for at
	  least another year in the mean time.
	- The collection of 'best' networks has been greatly added to,
	  thanks to the efforts of Morwenn. These networks now reside
	  in their own child module, Algorithm::Networksort::Best.
	  It could be argued that the module should be named
	  Algorithm::Networksort::Optimal, but 'optimal' has seven
	  letters and 'best' has four, so 'best' wins.
	- Doug Hoyte provided code for an astonishing three more
	  algorithms: odd-even merge, odd-even transposition, and balanced.
	- The example scripts in eg/ have been updated and in some
	  cases improved.
	- Found untested cases (formats in particular) and added them
	  to the tests.
	- SVG output is massively improved. The graphing example is now
	  HTML5 instead of XML, beginning circles now cover their line
	  instead of vice versa, background color is now supported, and
	  the ids of graph elements now have a random component in them
	  so as not to confuse the parser if more than one graph is on
	  the page (this is one that bit me).
	Sat Mar 22 2012
	- Good grief, I mis-spelled nw_comparators() in the
	- And I left out abecedarian.t in the MANIFEST.
	Tue Nov 20 2012
	- Updated the references in the POD documentation.
	- Time to upload to CPAN.
	Mon Nov 19 2012
	- Update the version number everywhere.
	- Update documentation to make sure 'bitonic' is mentioned.
	- Got svg.t to work correctly in systems that don't have
	  Test::XML::Easy installed.
	- Heavily update README to cover testing, and Doug Hoyte's
	Sun Nov 18 2012
	- Consolidated the "algorithm" test files into one file,
	  abecedarian.t. Now that we're using $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING},
	  we can consolidate test files without worrying about
	  tests timing out on CPAN testers' machines.
	- Simplified code in the "best" test files.
	Sat Nov 17 2012
	- Upgrage tests to use the is() function from Test::More.
	Fri Nov 16 2012
	- Fixed the code in Build.PL that would set $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING}.
	  All tests, even the lengthy ones, are now run when using
	     "Build test --Testlong".
	Tue Nov 13 2012
	- Long-running tests now check for $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING} = 1,
	  and skip if it doesn't.
	Tue Nov 6 2012
	- Worked on bitonic() code. Use existing pack/unpack code to
	  determine power-of-two value, this replaces the
	  greater_power_of_2_less_than() function.
	- Made loop a little more perlish by using the '..' operator.
	- Added 'bitonic' to the keyword list.
	- Added a get_options parameter in Build.PL. Looking towards
	  an option to automatically skip long-running tests in
	  non-development situations.
	Tue Oct 30 2012
	- Fall-back algorithm for 'best' option is now Batcher's Merge
	  Exchange algorithm instead of Bose-Nelson.
	- Checks for $inputs < 2 in the algorithm functions are pointless
	  since the calling, exported function already checks for it.
	- "use integer" means that int($n/2) may be written more simply
	  as $n/2.
	Sat Oct 27 2012
	- Added two new 'best' networks for input sizes 18 and 22,
	  discovered by Sherenaz Waleed Al-Haj Baddar and submited
	  by Doug Hoyte.
	- Added the bitonic() code and test file as provided by Doug Hoyte.
	Thu Oct 25 2012
	- New function nw_sort_stats() to return information about
	  sorting network exchange counts (based on Doug Hoyte's
	  idea) and other future ideas.
	Sun Oct 14 2012
	- Emergency change to svg.t -- I'm doing something wrong in
	  the tests, so for now they are skip()ped.
	Thu Oct 11 2012
	- Doug Hoyte requested the addition of the sorting network
	  equivalent of the bubble sort, for demonstration purposes
	  only, and sent a patch to implement it and a test file to
	  add to the t/ directory. Free code is hard to turn down,
	  even if it is for bubble sort.
	Tue Oct  2 2012
	- Added a new test, svg.t. It is modeled on pod.t, and uses
	  Test::XML::Easy. If I had had it as part of the tests
	  before, I wouldn't have let the badly merged code in the
	  earlier versions get released.
	Sun Sep 30 2012
	- Something odd happened to the SVG code post version 1.08,
	  leading to unparsable output (could be the result of the
	  hardware failure, could be merge error on my part).
	  Took the SVG graph code from version 1.08, and re-applied
	  the changes to the graph code between then and version 1.21.
	  The graphs come out correctly now.
	Fri Sep 28 2012
	- Took horizontal and vertical coord code out of nw_eps_graph()
	  and nw_svg_graph(), and made them into their own functions.
	- I really had an odd style for initializing variables from @_
	  back in 2003. Made it less odd.
	- Small inefficiency with the column count in nw_text_graph() fixed.
	Sun Sep 24 2012
	- Added color debugging code in eg/ (it lists the
	  color settings in XML comments).
	- Updated eg/ to take command line options.
	- Moved graph and text option handling to their own functions,
	  graph_segment() and text_segment(), for future non-messy coding.
	Fri Sep 22 2012
	- Removed prototypes.
	- Found and removed some left-over marker code in the SVG output.
	- Moved SVG graph color code to its own function, svg_color().
	Mon Sep 10 2012
	- Modernized parts of the code -- $VERSION is now an 'our'
	  variable instead of a 'use VARS' variable, for example.
	- Added 'create_license => 1' to the Build.PL list of attributes.
	- Added 'dynamic_config => 0' to the Build.PL list of attributes.
	- Added LICENSE to the MANIFEST file.
	- Yanked an "$flag_internal" variable (and its debugging code)
	  in favor of Smart::Comments.
	- Bumped the $VERSION value up a point.
	Sun May 20 2012
	- Really bad bug introduced in version 1.08 (text graph
	  options were checked for in the wrong hash) has been squashed.
	Wed Mar 28 2012
	- Finally organized changes (I had a hardware failure), and updated
	  the MANIFEST file to include the new JSON formatted META files.
	  Ready for release to CPAN.
	Tue Jan 31 2012
	- Perl version requirement changed to 5.8.3 (from 5.6.0). Support
	  for 5.6.0 in various perl development tools is being dropped,
	  and 5.8.3 seems to be a safe minimum, at least for the current
	  year. Change made in Build.PL and
	- Changed "repository" key in Build.PL from a hash to a string,
	  as seems to be currently required under the version of
	  Module::Build that I'm developing with (the hash form looks
	  to be for a later version that I cannot install yet).
	Tue Jan 11 2011
	- Found an error in the SYNOPSIS portion of the POD. Function
	  nw_format() had an incorrect argument.
	Thu Sep 23 2010
	- Experimented by adding a 'keywords' hash to Build.PL. We'll see if I
	  did it correctly.
	Wed Sep 15 2010
	- Update the references. Joe Celko's article in is gone
	  ( seems to be under new ownership), but he used the
	  same material in the third edition of his book, so I refer to
	  that now.  Dr. Batcher's web site at Kent State has changed slightly,
	  making a change in the links necessary.
1.09	Sat May 22 2010
	- Error in POD snuck in. While I was fixing this, added some more
	  documentation on group options.
	- Added another choice for "grouping" in nw_comparators().
1.08    Mon May 17 2010
	- Added an option to nw_comparators() as a result of a communication by
	  Daniel Stutzbach. Up until now, nw_comparators simply returned the
	  comparator in the order that the algorithms created them. Daniel
	  Stutzbach pointed out that these were often not in the best order and
	  would cause a super-scalar pipeline to stall. He also pointed out that
	  just reading the list of comparators grouped for graphing removes that
	  problem (the function that arranges them for graphing, nw_group(), does
	  in fact "parallelize" the comparators so that they'll look nice on the
	  graph). So there's now an option to re-group the list. It's not the
	  default because the default behavior has been there since the beginning
	  of the module.
	  See the documentation for nw_comparator() for more information.
	- Undid use of mark attributes for SVG graphing. Too many inconsistencies
	  between different SVG viewers for me to be sure that I'm doing the right
	- While undoing that change, simplified the code that generates the
	  group/color attributes.  I decided that individually assigning the
	  color attribute to each element was probably a less error-prone mechanism.
	- Updated and in the eg directory to make use of the
	  color options.
	- Fixed the nw_group() example. It was using the default 'bosenelson'
	  algorithm, but the output was from the 'batcher' algorithm. Oops.
	- Added to the eg directory.
	Wed Feb 10 2010
	- Changed <svg> tag adding xmlns and viewBox attributes.
	* Change input and comparator lines to use mark attributes instead
	  of separate geometric circles.
	- Added nw_algorithms() and nw_algorithm_name() functions, and documented
	- Updated the SVG output example and demo program in the eg directory.
1.07	Tue Feb 13 2007
	- Bowed to convention and reversed the order of the Change entries.
	- SVG-aware browsers are better at parsing, which means that my
	  output needs to be improved.  Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox
	  now parse without errors.  I am not certain that the namespace
	  option works well enough.
	- Changed the example that used the SVG output, which was based on
	  an older version of the Adobe SVG plugin, and which is not current.
	- In the interests of code clarity, made use of q and qq operators
	  instead of quotes and escaped quotes.
	- Split the test files even further.
	- SVG colors!
	- Embedded the [from, to] pairs in an xml comment before each svg
	  command to draw comparators. Debugging aid.
	- Put a group tag around the SVG commands for the input line.
1.06	Sun Jan 16 2005
	- Made some code changes to allow running this module under
	  perl 5.005.
	- Added to the SEE ALSO section a link to Joe Celko's
	  article in  Bose-Nelson in SQL!
	- Updated the link to Ian Parberry's article.
	Mon Mar 21 2005
	- Removed a redundant check for an empty network in nw_format()
	  in the default format section.
	Tue May 23 2006
	- Changed arrangement of files to default layout by Module::Build.
	- Added the Meta.yml and Build.PL files.
	- Changed test files to use Test::Simple.
	Fri Jun 2 2006
	- Added pod.t.
	- Typo fix in pod (itme instead of item).  Fixed stale links.
	- It looks like the Forbes D. Lewis article, "Sorting Networks"
	  has vanished altogether.  Removed it from the See Also section.
	Wed Jul 26 2006
	- Split the batcher.t, best.t, bn.t, and hibbard.t files into
	  two.  I'm trying to  cut down the time-to-finish length, which
	  some test environments don't handle well ("Is this test done
	  yet?  I'm bored.")
	Wed Sep 13 2006
	- Added color components, although no actual colors are set yet
	  except for 'foreground'.
	- Changed the text graph option names 'fromcomp' and 'tocomp'
	  to 'compbegin' and 'compend' to make them consistant with the
	  input line names 'inputbegin' and 'inputend'.  These names
	  get adopted by the color option hash.
	Fri Sep 15 2006
	- SVG output now has colors.
1.05   Thu Jan 22 2004
	- Missing namespace in ending </g> tag for inputline definition.
	- For some reason, I took the input value for hibbard() and
	  batcher() to be the bit count, and restricted it to 32.  I
	  claim tiredness and caffeine overload.  The restriction is
	  removed, and you could have an input of 2**32 if you want,
	  although you'd be waiting a long time for a result.
	- Fixed L<> tags in the documentation.
	- In the eg directory, renamed to, and added for the XHTML version.
1.04   Sun Dec 14 2003
	- Added 'namespace' to the svg graphing options.  Added
	  it to the script in the eg subdirectory.
1.03   Sat Dec 13 2003
	- Added 'title' to the eps and svg graphing options.
1.02  Tue Dec 9 2003
	- Little document formating errors bother me.
	- Another stupid error.  Function nw_text_graph(), used
	  by nw_graph(), was printing directly, not returning a
	  string.  It's an old function, that's how it originally
	  was designed.
	- Added the graphing options (hz_margin, indent, etc.)
	  to nw_graph().
	- Merged in the nw_group_parallel() function (moved from in the eg subdirectory) into nw_group(),
	  fairly painlessly as it turned out.
1.01  Sat Oct 25 2003
	- Stupid error in my test scripts prevented them from
	  reading the file.  Fixed.
1.00  Fri Oct 17 2003
	- Released.
0.01  Fri Jan 24 23:55:59 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-X -nAlgorithm::Networksort