Revision history for Algorithm-SixDegrees

0.03	Sun Mar  6 16:45:23 CST 2005 (svn r29)
	Added support for additional arguments to subroutines.
	Added simple test for argument support.
	Added Build.PL support.

0.02	Thu Mar  3 20:50:00 CST 2005 (svn r21)
	Added error() method.
	Optimized the two-source case where the starting and ending
	     element share a common relationship.
	Added two samples.
	Made some error messages more descriptive.
	Improved documentation.
	Added extra test: t/errors.t
	Improved test coverage in other tests
	Fixed an issue where the origin keys were polluting internal
	    tables when an alternate source was defined.

0.01    Sat Feb  5 00:57:45 CST 2005 (svn r6)
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.