Revision history for Alien-InteractiveBrokers
BUG:    An actual found or reported bug fix.
FIX:    Change toward correct behavior, but unreported.
NEW:    New, previously non-existent feature.
CHG:    Change in behavior.
API:    Change in user-facing API (hopefully rare).
DOC:    Changes to documentation.

9.6602   2011-04-30
         FIX: Fixed test path issue noticed under Strawberry Perl

9.6601   2011-04-29
         NEW: Added support for IB API v9.66 - v9.67
         CHG: Default installed version is now IB API v9.66

9.6404   2011-xxxxx
         API: include() now returns $scalar or @array depending on context
         FIX: Crossported verbose HTTP::Tiny output from Alien::SWIG
         FIX: Crossported deletion of Pod::Usage deps from Alien::SWIG
         FIX: Minor paste/newline issue in
         FIX: Expunged from everything.
         CHG: Added caching to A::IB class/object
         NEW: More rigorous testing for A::IB object correctness
         NEW: Tests for ibapi-config runnability and output correctness
         FIX: ibapi-config wasn't outputting -I paths correctly
         FIX: %INC handling more portable

9.6403   2011-01-28
         First production CPAN release for IB API 9.64
         DOC: Minor documentation tweaks
         FIX: Versioning scheme will change from here on.

9.64_02  2011-01-25     (developer release)
         DOC: Fixing documentation bugs seen on CPAN from 9.64_01

9.64_01  2011-01-24     (developer release)
         Main module should be complete
         Prepped for releasing to CPAN for cpantesters feedback