1.004     2011-02-13 22:39:28 America/Toronto

          Integrate version 1.01 of libjio

          Convert package to Dist::Zilla

          No longer generate passthrough Makefile.PL

1.003     2009-10-04

          Integrate version 1.00 of libjio

          Builder.pm: minor changes
          o Move File::Spec portability code into _chdir_or_die; call it
            with a list containing the path to traverse
          o Remove requirement for Config; we use notes to determine $(MAKE)

          Changed my mail address to jawnsy@cpan.org

1.002     2009-08-18

          Updated test sequence

          Remove modules available in core since Perl 5.6 from requires

          Added ignore expressions for libjio's build-flags
          and libjio.so.0.90 (the symlink)

          Override clean action to clean libjio files

1.001     2009-08-17

          Integrate version 0.90 of libjio

          Remove generated files from the repository

          Update MANIFEST.SKIP's paths so that libjio's Makefile
          isn't skipped

          Move the version test inside the SKIP block -- doesn't
          make sense to run it if it's not installed; this should
          fix the CPAN Testers errors (thanks hobbs@freenode #perl)

          Use a simple string version, per David Golden's article:

          No longer use Perl::Critic to test

1.0.4     2009-07-26

          Fix core tests to correct regression in version 1.0.3

1.0.3     2009-07-25

          Changed the method of probing @PATH for gmake, now we don't
          need to execute which

          Added information about Test Coverage

          Added some commands so that the void context paths are touched
          (increases coverage a bit)

          Update documentation

          Overhaul test scripts, remove author tests from Recommends
          (Alias' journal #5375)

          Update LICENSE and README (no longer generate a readme, just
          use a simple one)

1.0.2     2009-07-01

          New upstream release: libjio 0.51 (release 2009-06-30)

          Better detection with ENV{MAKE} (uses gmake if on BSD)

          There are no Ruby bindings, so remove that from the Build.PL
          prompt asking if they should be installed

1.0.1     2009-06-18

          No longer enforce "one dot only" in filenames. This breaks
          compatibility with OpenVMS.

          Updated perlcriticrc with new preferences, removed "no critic"
          stuff for those in Alien/Libjio.pm

          Added limitation warnings

          Use a safer ENV{PATH}

          Don't do ExtUtils::Liblist twice in t/02core.t

          Revert dependency on version.pm to 0.74

          Try to find 'make' using ENV{MAKE}

          Update README

          Add t/00build.t to make sure build completes properly

          Changed abstract

1.0       2009-06-09

          Initial release