These are the changes to the Alien::SVN wrapper distribution.
Changes to Subversion itself can be seen in src/subversion/CHANGES.  Mon Jan 12 16:08:47 PST 2015
    * Upgraded to Subversion 1.8.11

    * Depend on SVN::Core, not Alien::SVN  Mon Jan 12 15:22:51 PST 2015
    * Upgraded to Subversion 1.7.19

    Bug Fixes
    * The build failures trying to build wc-queries.h have been fixed.
      [github #4]

    Distribution Changes
    * Repository has been moved to the evalEmpire organization.
    * The bug tracker is now on Github.  Thu Jun 12 10:03:41 PDT 2014
    Bug Fixes
    * Accidentally left out the subversion build/ directory causing
      configure to fail.  Wed Jun 11 20:41:57 PDT 2014
    * Upgraded to Subversion 1.7.17  Sun Mar 18 15:08:45 PDT 2012
    Distribution Fixes
    * The Build.PL will now properly error out if SVN's configure
      does not succeed.  This was causing a lot of false smoke.  Thu Mar  1 16:21:10 PST 2012
    * Upgraded to Subversion 1.7.3  Wed, 23 Feb 2011 11:39:10 +1100
    * Update the repository URL to point at the real github repo.
    * Make Matt the author in the metadata.

    * Clarify who to report SVN::Core issues to.  Wed Aug 18 00:45:00 GMT 2010
    * Upgraded to Subversion 1.6.12

    Bug Fixes
    * Pass options through to svn's configure properly  Wed Dec 26 21:16:33 PST 2007
    * Upgraded to subversion 1.4.6.

    Bug Fixes
    * --with-perl was the wrong solution to the "not default perl" issue.
      Fixed it correctly.
    * Add a work around for FreeBSD's gutting of neon's libtool la file.

    Installer Improvements
    * Will now install into your perl architecture directory.  This avoids
      interfering with, or interference from, other installations of libsvn.
    * The license has been clarified.  It's now just "open source" because
      of the mixed Perl (Alien::SVN) and Apache (Subversion) licensing.  Wed Dec 26 00:04:27 PST 2007
    Bug Fixes
    * Added --with-perl to the default Subversion configuration so
      Alien::SVN should work properly if your perl is not the default

    Doc Fixes
    * Add bug and feedback instructions.

    Installer Improvements
    * Users can now override the Subversion configure arguments.  This is
      handy for things like --disable-neon-version-check.  Fri Sep 21 04:40:01 PDT 2007
    Bug Fixes
    * Last minute change to the last version broke the build.
    Portability Fixes
    * Fixed the running of configure so it works on Cygwin.  Thu Sep 20 17:41:55 PDT 2007
    Now it really works!  Tried it on a clean Ubuntu machine with no
    SVN libraries installed.
    Bug Fixes
    * Now doing a complete SVN build to ensure everything is built properly
    * All the SVN libraries are installed along with the Perl bindings
    Portability Fixes
    * Now uses $Config{make} instead of a hard coded make
    * Asks what make to use.

    Installation Improvements
    * Asks if the user wants to run Subversion's configure (default yes)
    * Checks if configure has already been run and asks if it has (default no)  Wed Sep 12 03:10:01 PDT 2007
    First release.  Turns out it doesn't really work unless libsvn is
    already installed.