0.1201  2007-09-08

- Fixed my stupid syntax errors that were in 0.12.

0.12    2007-09-08

- Missed a couple spots where I was using "old-style" redirects,
  rather than something more modern.

0.11    2007-08-25

- Setting the default to the string "''" from the web UI will make the
  default an empty string at the Perl-level ('').

- Modernized a bit so that it no longer reinvents quite so many
  low-level wheels. Require a reasonably new Mason (1.10).

- Made it work under Catalyst (sort of) or mod_perl.

0.10    2004-06-29

- If an Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules exception is thrown, the full
  exception (with stack trace) is now output to STDERR.  This helps
  debugging in case the exception is due to an error in Alzabo, as
  opposed to user error.

- Some submission handling components were redirecting to the wrong
  place after handling a RDBMSRules exception.

- Expanded the size of the comment textarea fields.

- Escape attributes in display.

0.09    2003-10-20

- Fixes so that the GUI still works with pre 0.79_02 versions of

- Added a SIGNATURE file.

0.08    2003-10-17

- Support for table attributes (with Alzabo 0.79_02 +).

- Support for functional indexes (with Alzabo 0.79_02 +).

- Improved the formatting of the front page's schema list when it
  expands to two columns.

- Improved the formatting of the table and column name lists

- Tried to make the installation process a little clearer,
  specifically in terms of saying what the component root is, since
  not all users are going to be previously familiar with Mason.
  Suggested by Mark Stosberg.

0.07    2003-10-08

- Offer two styles of graph layout (neato & dot).

- There were still a couple of spots using
  Alzabo::Config::mason_extension().  Reported by Barry Hoggard.

0.06    2003-10-06

- Add "pk" after primary key colums in column list.

- The installer was ignoring the user-provided extension, and simply
  giving all files the default ".mhtml" extension.  Reported by Barry

0.05    2003-10-04

- Renamed to Alzabo::GUI::Mason.

0.04    2003-09-24

- Cleaned up look of a couple pages (post SQL-execute pages).

- Added an AlzaboGUI/Mason.pm file so CPAN indexes this distro.

0.03    2003-09-20

- Add back foreign key & index functionality.

0.02    2003-09-20

- Include a passthrough Makefile.PL

0.01    2003-09-20

- Initial release of new Mason interface.

- Among other improvements, the GraphViz-generated schema graph is now
  much nicer.  These improvements were based in part on the code in
  SQL Fairy.