== history for distribution Any-Daemon-HTTP

version 0.29: Mon  4 Nov 09:07:23 CET 2019

	- dependency on HTTP::Daemon too high.

	- explicit state protocol with new(protocol) begin HTTP or HTTPS.
	- option to disable displaying processing info of childs in 'ps'.
	- support FCGI connections.
	- improve remote-host/-ip reporting.

version 0.28: Wed 20 Mar 17:18:25 CET 2019

	- call ::VirtualHost::new() without handlers
	- missing dependency on LWP::UserAgent

	- ::VirtualHost::new(aliases) defaults to 'AUTO'

	- find virtual-host handler for '/'.
	- run(new_connection) with method name.
	- new option run(new_child)
	- add ::VirtualHost->new aliases proxy and directory.
	- for vhost, fallback to lookup name/aliases without portnumber.
	- error when produced response isn't a HTTP::Response.

version 0.27: Sun  4 Mar 12:26:01 CET 2018

	- ::VirtualHost::new(handlers) now initialized via ::addHandler()
	- do only randomize max_conn when large enough.

	- ::VirtualHost::new(handler) alternative for ::new(handlers)
	- convert to GIT and GitHub

version 0.26: Mon Sep 19 23:18:38 CEST 2016

	- include examples in the manual-pages

	- multi-proxy
	- ::VirtualHost::new(aliases) value 'AUTO'

version 0.25: Tue Apr 15 08:49:00 CEST 2014

	- deadline passed log showed '0' seconds passed
	- changes in LogReport [cpantesters]

	- changed documentation style
	- wait upto 30 seconds when the socket is still in use.

version 0.24: Sun Jan  5 17:38:19 CET 2014

	- removed ::HTTP::new(use_ssl), now detected from portnumber
	- move to Log::Report 1.00
	- use IO::Socket::IP, to support IPv6

	- no warning when request does not have Host
	- show destination and owner of symlinks
	- vhost not finding directory.
	  rt.cpan.org#91672 [Kenney Westerhof]

	- ::Directory make charset configurable.
	- minor cleanups after demo at Perl Mongers A'dam meeting
	- now multiple ports possible
	- deprecate ::HTTP::new(host) and ::new(socket) for new option
	- add ::HTTP::run(max_conn_per_child)
	- extracted ::HTTP::Source as base from ::HTTP::Directory
	- add ::HTTP::Proxy
	- ::Directory and ::Proxy objects share the "sources" path

version 0.23: Thu Nov 28 15:36:45 CET 2013
	- move towards POSIX::1003

version 0.22: Mon Oct 28 10:18:38 CET 2013
	- socket listens only on tcp
	- return HTTP_NO_CONTENT if the handler does not return anything

	- show example how to create a Template::Toolkit handler.
	- ::HTTP::new(vhost_class)
	- support etag and modified testing on static files
	- put connection info in the ps output
	- cache-control dynamic data via md5
	- feature and limitation description for this server
	- remove unused "allow" in vhost

version 0.21: Tue Oct 15 12:20:59 CEST 2013
	- handlers are called with $vhost as first parameter, which is more
	  natural: they are defined in the VirtualHost object.
	- group peer information in ::Session
	- rewrite routine gets $vhost as first parameter

	- on error, fill the response content with some text, otherwise
	  browsers will not show it.
	- addVirtualHost with only a PACKAGE is useless

	- considerably more docs.
	- fixes in handler parameter checking.
	- add ::VirtualHost::addHandlers() as alternive to ::addHandler()
	- ::Directory(location) can be relative (to cwd)
	- ::HTTP::new(on_error)
	- handlers can be called as method name
	- ::HTTP::new(session_class)
	- ::Directory(rewrite) can now have METHOD and HASH parameters
	- ::VirtualHost::redirect()
	- ::VirtualHost::new(redirect) and mustRedirect()

version 0.20: Fri Oct 11 12:34:41 CEST 2013
	- major rewrite, most existing code will still work.
	  Much of the code has been taken from HTTP::Server::*, but then
	  for a non-multiplexing server core.

version 0.10: Tue Jul  9 17:42:29 CEST 2013
	- initial release (the main components of the code are much older)