Revision history for AnyEvent-Curl-Multi:

1.1     Fri Mar 25 14:58:08 PDT 2011
	- Added ipresolve attribute to new() method (so you can connect only to
	  IPv4 or v6 addresses as you so choose).
	- Simplified curl perform loop.
	- Fixed bug where specific requests with no-redirects weren't handled
	  correctly if client was configured to follow redirects.

1.0     Thu Mar 17 23:22:05 PDT 2011
        - condvars are now associated with requests.

0.04    Sat Feb 19 16:03:05 PST 2011
	- Fixed bug that was causing us to check response readiness
          much too frequently.  Thanks to Jay Janssen for the report.

0.03    Sat Oct 30 13:32:45 PDT 2010
	- Makefile.PL now emits a warning if the local libcurl doesn't support
	  subsecond timeouts.
        - new() and request() methods croak if subsecond timeouts are specified
          but libcurl doesn't support them.

0.02    Fri Oct 29 00:07:03 PDT 2010
        - No longer uses filehandles for receiving data 
          (and requires WWW::Curl 4.14)
        - Added recommendations to have libcurl built with c-ares

0.01    Sun Oct 24 17:00:32 PDT 2010
        Initial release.