Revision history for AnyEvent-Digest

v0.0.5    2013-10-08 23:28:32 Asia/Tokyo
    - Fix memory leaks by holding a loop sub reference (gh-8) (Thanks Zhou YuanYuan and iakuf@github).

v0.0.4    2013-09-26 16:31:25 Asia/Tokyo
    [Non-functional changes]
        - Update DZP::Test::Compile to avoid possible Win32 hangs in tests.

v0.0.3    2013-09-11 23:58:11 Asia/Tokyo
    [Non-functional changes]
        - Fix hang of tests on Win32 (close gh-6).
        - Use eval guard for build_prereq_matchs_use in Kwalitee tests.

v0.0.2    2013-09-08 18:41:19 Asia/Tokyo
    [Non-functional changes]
        - Add optional preereqs (close gh-3).
        - Add a guard for IO::AIO and AnyEvent::AIO to t/03-async-aio.t (close gh-3).

v0.0.1    2013-09-08 01:03:23 Asia/Tokyo
    - Initial release.