Changes for AnyEvent::Filesys::Notify

1.16 - Fri Feb 27 13:38:46 EST 2015
    Rewrites the test functions to accommodate optional events
    - Parsing events from Inotify2 (instead of re-scanning) results in
      extraneous modifications in some situations. Tests shouldn't fail if
      these optional events are triggered.

1.15 - Fri Aug 15 20:14:38 EDT 2014
    Adds minimum version of perl to the prereqs

1.12 - Sun Dec 22 14:04:39 EST 2013
    Uses KQueue on any BSD RT#91556

1.11 - Wed Dec 11 08:59:54 EST 2013
    Uses IO::KQueue on all freebsd-like systems (ie, gnufreebsd).
    Fixes minor POD linking problem.

1.10 - Tue Dec 10 11:42:06 EST 2013
    If the parse_events flag is set, use events from Inotify2 instead of
    rescanning all files (RT#82847).  Thanks to Carsten Wolff
    <> for the patch.

    Generates 'created' events for files in a new subdirs when parsing events.
    This ensures that we don't miss any.

    Refactors the test routines to improve reliability and increase code

0.24 - Fri Oct  4 11:44:42 EDT 2013
    Makes an official release of after converting to Moo. CPANTesters didn't
    seem to have any issues with the conversion. Hopefully this change will
    be seemless for users.

0.23_10 - Mon Sep 30 20:06:50 EDT 2013

    Attempts to convert from Moose to Moo for our OO infrastructure. We
    don't need much of Moose's power, so let's take advantage of Moo's speed.

    - Adds version requirements to the prereqs. Earlier version of some of
      the prereq seemed to produce an unstable result. Current versions seem
    - Fixes Changes file to adhere to CPAN::Changes spec
    - Replaces namespace::autoclean with namespace::sweep as
      namespace::autoclean relies on Class::MOP

0.22 - Tue Mar  5 14:15:44 EST 2013
    This is an important release for KQueue users. Prior versions had several
    bugs in the KQueue backend. As a result, KQueue was effectively polling
    the filesystem with no delay. KQueue has a serious limitation which makes
    it impractical for monitoring medium to large sets of files (namely,
    you need an open filehandle for each directory AND file that you are 
    monitoring). The use of the KQueue backend is discouraged.

    - Fixes KQueue backend bug which causes CPU usage to peg at 100%
      (thank to gdxhsw++ for the bug report and patch)
    - Updates the documentation and issue warnings for KQueue filehandles
    - Fixes errors in documentation
    - Adds namespace::autoclean to the Event object

0.21 - Mon Feb  4 15:52:47 EST 2013
    Converts from File::Find::Rule to Path::Interator::Rule
    - Should speed things up marginally.
    - Adds benchmark and profiling tools

    Marks tests as TODO if we are on gnufreebsd or gnukfreebsd
    - Based on diag output, tests appear to work, but we get failures from
      cpantesters. I don't have access to this platform to investigate

0.19 - Mon Jan 14 20:30:38 EST 2013
    Fixes KQueue bugs.  This works on a Mac, hoping it will work on FreeBSD.

0.18 - Thu Jan 10 10:39:22 EST 2013
    Fixes non-mac bug where 'plan' is called twice
    Thanks to syohex for the patch.

0.17 - Wed Jan  9 19:53:53 EST 2013
    - Renames backend roles to reflect the implementation rather than the O/S
      (Inotify2, FSEvents and KQueue)
    - Adds the 'backend' argument to the constructor allow the user to force
      a particular backend
    - Guides the user to avoid no_external in the docs

0.15 - Wed Dec  5 12:01:07 EST 2012
    Skips attribute modification tests on Win32.

0.14 - Tue Nov 27 08:58:47 EST 2012
    Adds missing prereq for FreeBSD
    Checks of Kqueue from TODO list

0.12 - Wed Nov 21 08:22:55 EST 2012
    Fixes missing file in MANIFEST and bumps versions

0.11 - Tue Nov 20 11:27:16 EST 2012
    Adds kqueue support and test on FreeBSD. Thanks to Gasol Wu
    <> who provided the well done patch.

0.10 - Tue Nov 20 10:57:28 EST 2012
    Move author/release tests to xt/
    Skip the symlink tests on Win32

0.09 - Mon Oct 22 11:06:48 EDT 2012
    Skips attribute modification tests on MS Win platforms
    Updates README with current year in copyright

0.08 - Tue Oct 16 12:08:22 EDT 2012
    Adds support for changes in a file or directory's attributes. Thanks to
    Florian Koch for the bug report (RT#80156) and patch.

0.07 - Sun Jul 22 09:34:00 EDT 2012
    Fixes missing events for file moves on Linux (RT#78482)
    - Adds the IN_MOVE flag to Linux::Inotify2 watcher
    - Adds a timeout to the test scripts

0.06 - Wed Dec 14 17:24:52 EST 2011
    Implemented a fix for RT#72849 (excessive warnings if there are broken
    symlinks on ext4)

0.05 - Mon Feb  8 18:47:45 2010
    Fixed bug in AFN::Event, where is_dir was incorrectly typed.

0.04 - Fri Jan 29 16:13:39 2010
    Updated documentation to reflect ability to watch multiple 
    directories. Other minor cleanup.

0.03 - Fri Dec 11 08:55:30 2009
    Added namespace::autoclean and switched to apply_all_roles. This
    gives us true per-instance application of backends

0.02 - Thu Dec 10 11:53:37 2009
    Initial release on CPAN