Changelog for AnyEvent-Net-Curl-Queued

0.047 2014-02-26T16:11:07
 - cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - No checks for IPv6 localhost for now :( (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Updated Dist::Zilla (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - saner YADA defaults (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - YADA optimization for plain URL queues (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - remove ram comment about Parallel::Downloader (Christian Walde)
 - Fixed yet another test failing behind the proxy (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - reverting #871313f1ed (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - AnyEvent timers are now weak_ref (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Perl v5.17.10 compatibility (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - "AnyOf" usage requires MooX::Types::MooseLike >= 0.18 (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed timers for AnyEvent::Impl::Perl (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - typo fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
   *everywhere* (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removing further Mo[ou]se references from documentation (Stanislaw
 - scope fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - dependency updates (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - --MooX::late (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Zilled the Dist (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - more Any::Moose removal (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Fixed FIXMEs (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Moo-sification: take two (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed dead reload code (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - t/70-timeout.t seems OK now (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - "use base" was broken (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - recommend EV 4.11 as a prerequisite (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/ cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - AE::N::C::Q::E header attribute readonly (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - cleaned dependencies (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - YADA cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - minor ::Multi accessor cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - http_message handling revamped (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - added eg/ (not very clear example) (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - further benchmark normalization (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - disable compression in Mojo::UA benchmark (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Mojo::UserAgent benchmark fixed (mea culpa) (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - t/73-cycle.t is an author test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ooops, Mojo can't start/stop several times anymore? (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Mojo::UserAgent benchmark overhaul (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - setting CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS to a HashRef converts to JSON automatically
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed useless eval check from AE::N::C::Const (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - useless meta->name removed (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - full perlcritic harsh compliance (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - calming down the perlcritic (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Dist::Zilla bump (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - better traps for t/70-timeout.t (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fragment supression tested (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - disabling Net::Curl::* prototypes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - messing around (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed encoding issues revealed by upgrading to Digest::SHA v5.74
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - postponing $cv->send to properly destroy ::Multi instance (Stanislaw
 - followlocation-caused header propagation fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - curly brackets cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - initialization exception testing (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - proper usage of BUILDARGS/FOREIGNBUILDARGS (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixing cyclic references (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark results update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - less verbose recursion test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark suite fixes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Test::Memory::Cycle test implemented (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - clearer benchmark reasoning (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - major breakthrough in Net::Curl::*  "unreferenced scalar" fixing!
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - attempt to fight 1-millisecond timeout (again) (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Net::Curl::Share instance destruction code is FUBAR; storing it inside a
   Mo[ou]se attribute was a really bad idea :~( (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - weak_ref unnecessary, after all (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed unnecessary & broken weak_ref declarations (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - replaced time() from Time::HiRes by AE::tie (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - a bit less deterministic t/61-nest.t (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - better compliance with libcurl docs (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - a bit cleaner Net::Curl::Share handling (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - very bad fix for Net::Curl::Share instance "weakness" (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - getting rid of "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar: SV 0xdeadbeef
   during global destruction." (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - version bump (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fix release: dependencies were stripped accidentally (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - split Test::HTTP::AnyEvent::Server into a separate module (Stanislaw
 - finally Test::HTTP::AnyEvent::Server can detach & run as separate
   process (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - YADA DWIM: documented & tested (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - updated test for nasty empty HTTP::Message condition (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - minor edge case condition adjustments (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - better Moose encapsulation (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - better type constraints (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - added common_opts to AE::N::C::Q and fixed CURLOPT_(SHARE|TIMEOUT)
   propagation for YADA (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - test fixes (no need to rely on (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/ updated to show the new sugar syntax (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - do *NOT* return HTTP::Response if scheme is not HTTP/HTTPS (Stanislaw
 - attempt to fix FreeBSD test errors (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - YADA append()/prepend() are now chainable (updated example in SYNOPSIS)
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - experimental YADA DWIM extensions for append()/prepend() (Stanislaw
 - added AE::N::C::Q::Easy->opts attribute to quickly setopt() stuff
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - minor compatibility fixes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - more verbose environment info (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark results updated (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - update process name in eg/ (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - refactored eg/ (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - test cloning (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - AE::N::C::Q::Easy->clone($param) fixed (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark updated (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/queue: filtered URLs which lead to redirectors (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fix: no socket_action(CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT) if no handles are open
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - reimplemented eg/benchmark/ to work the non-blocking way
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - documentation update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - implemented AnyEvent::HTTP::Tiny client to test
   Test::HTTP::AnyEvent::Server (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - use Any::Moose for Test::HTTP::AnyEvent::Server (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - gave up, Test::HTTP::Server is more reliable for blocking tests
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - enhance Test::HTTP::AnyEvent::Server coverage (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - more failing tests (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - more AE::N::C::Easy cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed Test::HTTP::Server dependency (now for sure) (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - test incorrect usage of AE::N::C::Q::Easy setopt()/getinfo() (Stanislaw
 - migrate N::C::Multi & N::C::Easy object capability checks into test
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - test boundaries fine-tuned (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed unmet conditions (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - test watchdog & timeout (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - clean up duplicate URL condition (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed Test::HTTP::Server dependency (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - implemented Test::HTTP::AnyEvent::Server, as fork() breaks Net::Curl :(
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - use AE::postpone instead of "instant timer" hack (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - updated t/42-loopback-retry.t to use internal POST retry mechanism
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - attempt double GET at t/30-queued-single.t (to verify queue
   deduplication) (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - stripped dead code from AE::N::C::Q::Stats (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed AE::N::C::Const cache typo (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - split queue accessors POD (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - correctly reenqueue POST requests (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Mojo::UserAgent benchmark (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark fixed (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed Memoize dependency (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - squash setopt calls during init into one (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Trait::Array is too slow to handle huge queues (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - automatically POST as JSON (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - raise CURLMOPT_MAXCONNECTS (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - example fixes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/ using Web::Scraper (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed common::sense (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - using ChangelogFromGit::CPAN::Changes for changelog (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Changes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - documentation updated with alternatives; prereq common::sense 3.5
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Changelog (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fix for perl-5.15.9 (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - minor fixes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++yada options (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - yada: stupid typo fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark is flawed as YADA also can't tell initialization from fetching
   apart :( (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - yada: filename from content-disposition/location tags (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - better socket watcher recycling (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark now separates initialization from the download; using remote
   server (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - yada: get_filename() (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - yada timeout parameter (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - --MooseX::NonMoose from dist.ini (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - verbose yada help (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++yada CLI tool (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - all tests under Any::Moose (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - meta->class_precedence_list => meta->name (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++MooseX::NonMoose to dist.ini (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/ unsure about the way to use AnyEvent::Curl::Multi;
   copied from Template::Parser::RemoteInclude (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - README version bump (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++CURL_LOCK_DATA_SSL_SESSION (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - MouseX::NativeTraits dependency (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Replaced Moose by Any::Moose (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - cleanup test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - uninitialization fixes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Mouse prereqs (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - BUILDARGS hack (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Moose => Any::Moose (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - AENCQ object now reusable (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed kwalitee test due to new Parse::RecDescent release (Stanislaw
 - "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar: SV 0xdeadbeef." warning was not
   Test::HTTP::Server's fault in 01-net-curl-compatibility.t, at all.
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - watchdog executes $self->multi->perform (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - watchdog (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - YADA alias (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - default timeout/retry update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Fixed 'Attempt to free unreferenced scalar: SV 0xdeadbeef during global
   destruction.' in t/01-net-curl-compatibility.t (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - max connections editable on-fly (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - retry CodeRef fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/ fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - re-enqueued requests are forced to bypass de-duplication filter
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - allow_dups configurable (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - URI coerce typo fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - better cloning (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - update README.pod (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - reorganize tests (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - optionally use_stats (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Const POD (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Net::Curl::* constants accessor/cache (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++curl benchmark (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - added nice comparison chart (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - callback tests (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Easy: constants cache; on_init/on_finish callbacks (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Stats: precompute constants (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark example (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - new release (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - recursively update queue test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - single request in queue test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed HTTP::Response encapsulation warning when response is empty
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - stupid termination condition bug (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - no CURLINFO_PRIMARY_PORT in older libcurl (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - now passes tests on perl-5.10.1 (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - getinfo()/setopt() improvements (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - documentation (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - HTTP::Response encapsulation (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Easy getinfo() wrapper (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Easy setopt() wrapper (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - coerce URLs (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - POD (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - end condition fix (used to cause segfault) (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - remove cv->begin/cv->end crap (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - weak_ref hell!!! (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Queued test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Easy test & POD (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - POD[2] (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Stats test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Net::Curl compatibility test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - minor updates (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - AnyEvent::Net::Curl::Queued::Multi max attribute (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - leak fix (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Dist::Zilla[4] (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Dist::Zilla[3] (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Dist::Zilla[2] (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Dist::Zilla (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - CodeRef hack (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - output (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - stats (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - retries (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - split (Stanislaw Pusep)
 -  (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed taskset(1) link (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/ simplified parser initialization (Stanislaw Pusep)