0.94  2017-07-28
  - *** Add support for Apache 2.4 ***
    NOTE: configuration changes WILL be required.  See README.apache-2.4.pod
    for details.
  - use Test::Signature for the signature test
  - make signature test an AUTHOR test.
  - bump minimum Apache::Test version to v1.39

0.93  2011-06-06
    fixed logout set Location header (broken in 0.92)
    added ticket object to _ticket_idle_timeout() args

0.92  2011-06-03
*** Ticket Format Has Changed ***
    Tickets are now opaque, and are strings that include the signature hash,
        and the ticket data in MIME::Base64 encoding. This ensures that fields
        that may have been added to the ticket by a subclass are included in
        the signature.

0.91  2011-05-13
    added SIGNATURE support to make dist
    added signature test
    added META_MERGE bugtracker, repository to Makefile.PL
    cleanup Makefile.PL a bit
    fixed uninitialized warning in _unpack_ticket() [51138]
    fixed Odd number of elements warning in _unpack_ticket() [51136]
    POD: explain difference between "TicketExpires" and inherited AuthCookie
        "Expire" directive.
    MP1: synchronize with MP2 version.
    abstract common MP1/MP2 code into ::Base package.
    Move ::Util code into ::Base
    use Class::Accessor::Fast to generate accessors
    combine user/pass lookup into single SQL query (one less query per request)
    added get_config() for fetching config values
    added user_table(), ticket_table(), secret_table() methods to simplify
        table lookups
    eliminate need for _get_max_secret_version() - consolidated into
    changed make_ticket() no longer takes $r parameter - use object attr
    added secret_version() to fetch current max secret version
    abstract new ticket fields generation into new_ticket_for()

Release 0.90
    changed LICENSE information in README removed "same terms as perl" and be
        more explicit.
    moved password check routines out into Util::compare_password()
    removed last of the hard coded SQL in Apache2::AuthTicket
    removed cruft in Apache2::AuthTicket left over from MP1 migration
    changed $this => $self
    added tests for tampered cookie, CheckIP=0, CheckBrowser=1
    changed config parsing so that boolean values can be specified as any of:
        TRUE : 1, yes, on, true
        FALSE: 0, no, off, false
    added Apache::AuthTicket::Util and moved some internal into it
    added configuration parameter TicketCheckBrowser which enables checking of
        the client User-Agent string.
    added configuration parameter TicketCheckIP so client ip address checks can
        be disabled.
    added test cases to check that cookie fields secure, path, and domain work
    moved source management to github.com:
    updated documentation for MP2
    addedd a real test suite using DBD::SQLite backing, Apache::Test and

Release 0.40
   o update to use new Apache::Filter API (you need at least 1.012 now)
   o Create Apache2::AuthTicket from copy of Apache::AuthTicket and ported to
     mod_perl 2.0 API.  This is the first release that supports mod_perl2
   o MP2 - use SQL::Abstract to generate queries

Release 0.31
   o Removed an email address from Changes file via owners request.

Release 0.30
   o Changed calls from to Digest::MD5->md5_hex to just Digest::MD5::md5_hex()
     This causes md5 passwords generated with other md5() routines (PHP for 
     example to fail).  Thanks to Steve Chadsey for spotting this.

     ** NOTE ** MD5 passwords that worked with previous versions will not work
     with this version due to the fact that md5_hex() was used incorrectly.  
     Upgrading from previous versions will also invalidate any current tickets
     because the ticket generation routines also were using md5_hex

Release 0.20
   o Renamed module from Apache::TicketAccess to Apache::AuthTicket after
     discovering that Apache::TicketAccess is distributed with the mod_perl
     book examples.
   o Adapted module to Apache::AuthCookie v2.011.  This module now
     subclasses Apache::AuthCookie and relies on AuthCookie for all of the 
     cookie login logic.  This was basically a complete rewrite.
   o Split up query to fetch the server secret so that the LIMIT clause is
     not needed (for Sybase ASE backends, thanks to Eivind Trondsen)
   o Made DBI commit() only be called if AutoCommit is off. 
     (silences a warn() for MySQL)
   o Added support for md5 style passwords.
   o Added support for crypt() style passwords.
   o Added way to retrieve reason for login using
   o Added support for Idle Timeout logouts via TicketIdleTimeout
   o Added "sample" directory with sql examples for setting up pgsql and mysql
     backends, as well as httpd.conf samples.
   o Removed libapreq dependency (AuthCookie does this stuff now)

Relaese 0.10
   o Initial public release: Apache::TicketAccess 0.10