2003-06-23	Christian Gilmore <cag@us.ibm.com>

	o  Changed expired password response to FORBIDDEN.
	o  Made release 1.00.

2002-03-07	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>
	o  Added password expiration handling.
	o  Removed generic variable names used exclusively
	   in releases prior to 0.60.
	o  Updated README to include mention of new features.
	o  Made release 0.90.
2001-07-12	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

	o  Removed test for mod_perl-1.26 or higher.
	o  Cleaned up documentation
	o  Made release 0.61
2001-05-27	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

	o  Deprecated generic variable naming in favor of
	   module specific to reduce potential conflict with
	   other auth modules: 
	      LDAPServer  -> AuthenLDAPServer
	      LDAPPort    -> AuthenLDAPPort
	      UidAttrType -> AuthenUidAttrType
           Original variable names are still accepted but will
	   be removed on the next major release.
	o  Made release 0.60.
2001-01-08	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

	o  Added handling of blank userid input
        o  Better handling of pre-1.26 set_handlers bugs
	o  Made release 0.52.

2000-09-26	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

	o  Made first public releases 0.50 and 0.51.

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