2005-05-09	Christian Gilmore <cag@us.ibm.com>

	o  Fixed bug that errantly placed a period where there should have
	   been a comma. Bug reported and fix provided by Andrew Young.
	o  Made release 1.11.
2004-12-01	Christian Gilmore <cag@us.ibm.com>
	o  Now handle LDAP v2 and v3 character escaping methods within
	   distinguished names to better support nested group searches.
	o  Made release 1.10.
2003-06-18	Christian Gilmore <cag@us.ibm.com>
	o  Added placement of REMOTE_GROUP into request headers to assist
	   downstream handlers.
	o  Updated documentation to describe REMOTE_GROUP insertion into
	   both the request headers and an environment variable.	
	o  Made release 1.00.
2003-02-03      Christian Gilmore <cag@us.ibm.com>

	o  Added functionality for authorization levels inAGroup,
	   inManyGroups, and inAllGroups.
	o  Removed deprecated variable names.
	o  Now use Text::ParseWords from standard perl distribution
	   instead of CPAN-provided String::ParseWords.
	o  Made release 0.70.
2001-07-12      Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

        o  Removed test for mod_perl-1.26 or higher.
        o  Cleaned up documentation.
        o  Made release 0.61.

2001-05-27	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

        o  Deprecated generic variable naming in favor of
           module specific to reduce potential conflict with
           other auth modules: 
	      GroupAttrType   -> AuthzGroupAttrType
	      GroupAttrValue  -> AuthzGroupAttrValue
	      LDAPServer      -> AuthzLDAPServer
	      LDAPPort        -> AuthzLDAPPort
	      MemberAttrType  -> AuthzMemberAttrType
	      MemberAttrValue -> AuthzMemberAttrValue
	      NestedGroups    -> AuthzNestedGroups
	      UidAttrType     -> AuthzUidAttrType
	   Original variable names are still accepted but will be removed
 	   on the next major release. This change allows for user
	   information to be hosted on one LDAP while group information is
	   hosted on another.
	o  Made release 0.60.
2001-01-08	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

	o  Fixed bug regarding nested groups whose membership was by dn.
	o  Better handled of pre-1.26 set_handlers bugs.
	o  Made release 0.51.
2000-09-26	Christian Gilmore <cgilmore@tivoli.com>

	o  Made first public release 0.50.

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