Revision history for Perl extension Apache::OWA.
- Improved error handling
- Support for multi-value variables and PL/SQL Tables.
- Changed format of DAD-string, since Apache::DBI seemed
  to get a bit confused with the old one.
- DEBUG option added.
- Updated documentation a little.

- Dynamic passing of cgi enironment variables to Oracle.

0.5 (1999-09-27)
- Support for owa_util.point and ICX_OWA_PARMS.ARRAY added by
  Gunnar Hellekson, <> and 
  Erich Morisse <>
  of Trilux Internet Group, Ltd.

- Invented SCHEMA configuration directive.
- Cleaned up the code a bit.
- Added benchmarks to documentation.
- Added code to show some "/perl-status" information.

- Merged Apache::OWA and Apache::OWA::AUTH into one module
- Eliminated use of
- updated documentation
- created Makefile.PL and stuff.

- changed name
- minimize use of
- fixed bug where header would be inserted several times

- created