Revision history for Perl extension Apache::Request::Redirect.

00.05  (2004-04-15)
- Now initialized apachereq method is not more required and, indeed,
  is deprecated. Now module automatically detect Apache::Request object.

00.04  (2003-09-03)
- In the previous version when request is of type POST all query string
  parameters was put in the content body of the HTTP request also if some
  of this parameters came from uri query string. This cause problems for
  script that make difference between query string parameters and 
  content POST parameters. Now if the request type is POST the redirect 
  request have uri query string unchanged regarding the original request.

00.03  (2003-07-28)
- Add a new boolean method/parameter use_http10. If this parameter is set to 1 
  remote page is request using HTTP/1.0 protocol indeed of HTTP/1.1 which is
  the default.

00.02  (2003-07-23)
- Lost pod documentation in the MANIFEST file and so in the distribution file too.

00.01  (2003-07-22)
- original version