0.34    2010-05-20

- Rerelease 0.33_01 as 0.34

0.33_01   2009-12-31

- Fix user defined options handling and fix default of optional options.
  See http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=49561.
- Trap possibly clobbered $@.
- New maintainer.

0.33   2006-09-26

- When setting up tests with Apache::Test, if the user has apache2 we
  need to make sure that they have the mod_apreq2.so library
  available. If they don't, the live tests will be skipped. Based on a
  patch from Derek Price. RT #21552.

0.32   2006-09-18

- Work around a (maybe) bug in Apache2::Cookie. Set -value to undef to
  in Apach2::Cookie->new causes it to return undef, rather than a
  cookie with no value. This meant that delete_session() caused an
  "attempt to call method of undefined value" error. Reported by Derek
  Price. RT #20992.

0.31   2006-07-11

- Exactly 0.30 but now the Build.PL creates a "traditional"
  Makefile.PL. This fixes the problem that the generated "passthrough"
  Makefile.PL was requiring Apache::TestMB, because it's available on
  my system.

0.30   2006-07-10

- Exactly like 0.29 but does not declare a "build_requires" dependency
  on Apache::TestMB. Declaring this dependency causes CPAN.pm (and
  probably CPANPLUS) to try and install Apache::Test, which may not
  always install cleanly. If you do have it already installed, then it
  will be used to run the live tests.

0.29   2006-06-09

- When not running under mod_perl, Apache::Session::Wrapper simply did
  not even try to load CGI::Cookie to generate cookies. Patch by Derek

- When running under mod_perl 1 without Apache::Request, an exception
  was generated when trying to send a cookie.

- Apache::Session::Wrapper now only checks for err_headers_out and
  headers_out on the header_object, since this works for both mod_perl
  1 and 2, as well as Mason's FakeApache object.

- As of version CGI.pm 3.16, CGI::Cookie has a bake() method, but now
  Apache::Session::Wrapper explicitly will not call it, because if
  you're not running under mod_perl, it ends up calling print() to
  send the cookie header when it is called, which may not be what a
  user of this module wants. Patch by Derek Poon.

0.28   2006-05-23

- Allow a session_id parameter to the constructor, to force the use of
  a particular existing session.

- Fixed a bug where failing to create a new session was ignored if
  allow_invalid_id was true.

- Detect very weird case where tying to tie to Apache::Session
  succeeds but the tied hash has no _session_id key. This now throws
  an exception.

- Fixed bug when the header_object ->can('header_out') but this method
  does not return an object, as with HTML::Mason::FakeApache. Reported
  by Hans Dieter.

- The logic to load an appropriate cookie class if the class was
  already loaded and an exception had previously been thrown by an
  unrelated class.

- Added a way to register session subclass via RegisterClass() and
  RegisterFlexClass(), to allow people to use any session subclass
  they want without needing explicit support in

0.27   not released

- This was a version used internally at Socialtext, but never

0.26   2005-09-20

- Finally should work properly under both mp1 and mp2.  Patches and
  tests by Daisuke Maki.

- No longer depends on Apache::Cookie or Apache2::Cookie, but it will
  use them if it can instead of CGI::Cookie.

0.25   2005-08-14

- Silenced a warning that could occur when using session length
  cookies under mod_perl.

0.24   2005-08-01

- Optional parameters for store modules were not handled properly when
  using Flex as the session class.  Added some tests.  Reported by
  Gavin Carr.

0.23   2005-07-26

- If two sets of valid parameters for a class shared a parameter, an
  error would be thrown if you used the second set, even if it was
  complete.  Reported by Victor Felix.

0.22   2005-07-18

- Another fix for mod_perl2, this one from Jonas.

0.21   2005-06-20

- The fix for mod_perl2 caused a new cookie to be sent for each
  request under mod_perl 1.  I love it!

0.20   2005-06-08

- Fix to make getting cookies work under mod_perl2.  Reported by
  Baldvin Kovacs.

0.19   2005-02-15

- Add support for Apache::RequestRec as header_object by checking
  header_object for err_headers_out and headers_out methods.

0.18   2004-06-30

- Made the password & lock_password parameters default to undef.

0.17   2004-04-23

- Fix a bug in checking parameters which could occur when the "commit"
  parameter for Postgres, Oracle, or Sybcase was passed.  This caused
  a fatal error when creating the wrapper object.  Patch by Max Baker.

0.16   2004-04-08

- No code changes, just include Class::Container in the dependencies.
  Reported via CPAN testers.

0.15 2004-04-06

- No code changes, just added the SIGNATURE file to the manifest so
  that signature checks don't fail.

0.14   2004-04-03

- Fix a bug which causes the constructor to complain that some
  required parameters were missing when in fact the required
  parameters had been given.  Reported by Jim Mozley.

0.13   2004-03-19

- Allow the cookie expiration to be set to "session", which is
  equivalent to undef, and causes the cookie to expire when the
  browser is closed.  Requested by Herald (RT #5615) for

- Remove some incorrect default values for some parameters, which were
  being set to undef when they shouldn't be.

0.12   2004-02-26

- Document that constructor can throw an exception.

- Document that session method accepts a session_id parameter.

0.11   2004-02-26

- Change default cookie name to "Apache-Session-Wrapper-cookie".

- Add subclassing docs.

0.10   2004-02-26

- First release