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Changes - Apache::SizeLimit change logfile


0.97 2012-04-02

Set the -apxs argument correctly when building from mod_perl. [Steve Hay]

0.96 2011-12-21

eval Linux::Smaps->new call when checking for /proc/self/smaps [Christian Ruppert <idl0r@qasi.de>]

Require Apache::Test 1.36 [Fred]

Unshared size is now interpreted as RSS - shared instead of VSIZE - shared on Linux [Torsten]

Subtest 1 checks that Apache2::SizeLimit->_limits_are_exceeded() returns false without any limits. But if the test runs near the end of the test suite it may very well be that some other test has set a limit. [Torsten]

0.95 2011-01-19

Fix erroneous version in Core.pm for 0.94 release. [fred]

0.94 2011-01-19

Install Apache::SizeLimit in arch specific location, the same as mod_perl. This prevents problems when A-SL is built outside the mod_perl build tree. [Fred Moyer]

0.93 2010-10-02

Add PerlModule and PerlLoadModule doc directives. [Fred Moyer <fred@redhotpenguin.com>]

Fix overlooked bug where handler expected to be called as a method handler, but was documented to be called like a normal Perl cleanup handler ala 'PerlCleanupHandler Apache2::SizeLimit' [Fred Moyer <fred@redhotpenguin.com>]

0.92 2010-09-23

Export USE_SMAPS, VERSION, and REQUEST_COUNT to Apache::SizeLimit from Apache::SizeLimit::Core. Call _platform_check_size as a class method to prevent error when USE_SMAPS=0, RT #33303 Reported by: jgoodridge@alum.dartmouth.edu [Fred Moyer <fred@redhotpenguin.com>]

  *********** HEADS UP - SHARED CODE BASE - HEADS UP  ***********
  Apache-SizeLimit has been hybridized.
  It has been split into 3 packages.  
    1) Apache::SizeLimit  - User API for httpd 1.3.x / mod_perl 1.x
    2) Apache2::SizeLimit - User API for httpd 2.x / mod_perl 2.x

    3) Apache::SizeLimit::Core - Interal Shared Functionality
         _NEVER_ use this module directly.
[Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci@p6m7g8.com>]

Skip tests on OS X (darwin) due to broken getrusage(3) [Fred Moyer <fred@redhotpenguin.com>, Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci@p6m7g8.com>]

Added a SUPPORT section to the docs. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

0.91 2007-03-29

Fix Can't call method "child_terminate" on an undefined value By add_cleanup_handler() pass $r to _exit_if_to_big() via shift [David Wheeler <david@kineticode.com>]

0.9 2006-07-12

Copied from the mod_perl 1 core for an independent CPAN release. [Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci@p6m7g8.com>]

Added support for using Linux::Smaps (on Linux only, obviously) to get much more accurate shared memory numbers on 2.6.x kernels. Taken from Apache2::SizeLimit. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Added support for using Linux::Pid to get the parent pid on Linux. This fixes a long-standing bug that caused this module to never actually kill a process when using Perl 5.8.1+ on Linux. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Added new OO methods for configuring the module, set_max_process_size(), set_min_shared_size() ,and set_max_unshared_size(). [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Added a new method, add_cleanup_handler(). [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Documentation for new API, as well as lots of general work on the docs. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Much code refactoring. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Added many tests for both the new and deprecated APIs. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Deprecated use of globals and the existing setmax(), setmin(), and setmax_unshared() functions. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

When calling setmax(), setmin(), and setmax_unshared(), only add Apache::SizeLimit as a cleanup handler once, not once for each function call. Taken from Apache2::SizeLimit. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

Fixed calculation of shared memory on BSD. [Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci@p6m7g8.com>]

Removed support for OSX, because testing shows that BSD::Resource is not working on that platform. [Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>]

0.05 mp2 core / not released
0.04 not released
0.03 not released
0.02 not released
0.01 2006-06-23

original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options -X -A -n Apache-SizeLimit [Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci@p6m7g8.com>]