0.03	January 13 2008
	Correct potential issue with forks::shared namespace if user loaded threads::shared in
	a PerlRequire (startup.pl) script.

	Added support for forks::BerkeleyDB (Apache::forks::BerkeleyDB).
	General improvements to framework for better module load order control.
	Various POD updates.
	Added more examples to distribution directory 'eg'.

0.022	January 7 2008
	Minor POD updates.

0.021	January 7 2008
	Improved internal load order of mod_perl modules for improved stability.
0.02	January 7 2008
	Improved mod_perl 1.x support.
	Fixed a few bugs in child handler.
	Silenced some warnings.
	Added a few new sections to the POD.
	Updated test suite to correctly support forks 0.24+ standard threads exit() behavior.

0.01	1 May 2007
	First public version.