0.04. (2016-10-15) - Adam Prime <adam.prime@utoronto.ca>

    - made it possible to return a 200 on a blank page.

0.03. (2008-06-29) - Adam Prime <adam.prime@utoronto.ca>

	- changed the debug interface to use the ::set_debug function rather than 
	  the package variable.  recommended usage would be in your subclasses init
	- added more documentation
	- renamed the index method to root_index, because index is also the name of a 
	  perl builtin.

0.02. (2008-02-09) - Adam Prime <adam.prime@utoronto.ca>

	- Added Apache2::DirBasedHandler::Debug, which will turn on some warn messages.  
	- Cleaned up the perldoc.  
	- added uri_to_function so if one wanted to alter it's behavoir they could.