Revision history for Apache2-REST

        Added support for streaming and multipart responses.    
        Added Scott Thoman in authors.

        Added options for error output.
        Log errors server side by using log_error (and Apache2::Log)

0.05    24 Nov 2009
        Remove pod coverage to avoid build failure.
           due to Apache2::const::*
        Return 401 HTTP code when method unauthorized
         instead of 405. This is a compatibility issue for
         APIs implemented with a former version.
        Fixed response status when method not implemented
        Better error 500 reporting
        Better error 501 reporting

0.04    11 Nov 2009
        Added dependency on Digest::MD5
        Added Content-Length
        cleanup response before writing out.
        yaml writer returns correct mimetype text/yaml
        Implemented Accept header writer selection.
        Improved documentation

        Added special writer (bin) to handle binary responses.
        Proper management of binary output of unicode values.
        Added requestedFormat to Apache2::REST::Request
        Implemented option Apache2RESTWriterRegistry
        Implemented option Apache2RESTWriterDefault
        Added example with unicode characters

0.02    09 Nov 2009
        Added a link to the Google project page

0.01    06 Nov 2009
        First version.