BDFOY / App-Cpan-1.58 / Changes

1.57_01 - Tue Mar  1 10:41:55 CST 2011

1.58 - Wed Mar 14 22:28:23 2012
	Bump to a release version

	* -I option for loading local::lib
	* -V show extended details and check setup
	Some things only half way there:
	* -T disable testing (how am I going to do that?)
	* -p ping the configured mirrors
	* -P find the best mirrors
	* -w turn on cpan warnings (permissions checks, etc)

	* -o option to set CPAN config options on the command line

1.57 - 
	* Release for Perl 5.12

1.56_15 - Thu Nov 12 17:39:18 2009
	* Fixed the -l switch to list any installed module once
	per path (total newbie bug there)
	* Fixed -r to use the right function name
	* Added -u switch to upgrade all modules. Be careful there!

1.56_04 - Wed Mar  4 04:25:52 2009
	* force() disappeared, and now it's back

1.56_01 - Wed Feb  4 13:49:07 2009
	* The cpan(1) client now exits with a non-zero value if it thinks
	there were errors in the operation. I haven't tracked down every
	spot where there can be errors from though, so there might
	be some cases where it still exits with 0 even though things 
	* There is initial support for Log4perl, although you can't 
	configure it yet. If you have Log4perl, cpan(1) uses it to print
	to the screen. If you don't have Log4perl, it uses a minimal 
	internal logger to do the same thing.

1.54 - Sun Apr  6 15:53:26 2008
	* Don't give a warning if the user is a Linux weenie who likes
	to type "install". Just ignore it an move on. It's still not
	an approved or documented calling sequence, but it does get
	me a free beer from Adam Kennedy.

1.53 - Wed Nov  1 15:58:17 2006
	* Added trap to catch people using "install" as the first argument.
	The script just dies telling them not to do that.

1.52 - Thu Jan 26 02:13:05 2006
	* Took out an exit() that caused Windows users some problems.
	* If you aren't experiencing oddities, you don't need to 
	* I changed the distro name to cpan-script to distinguish this
	from the CPAN module

1.51 - Wed Jan 11 00:25:52 2006
	* bumped the version number which I forgot to do last time. This
	version should get onto CPAN and it fixes the things I noted in
	the previous release

1.6 - Wed Jan  4 14:12:03 2006
	* The -i default behavior disappeared (by mistake) with the
	re-write in the last version. This version fixes RT 16915
	that reports that bug.
	* All users of cpan-1.05 (the script, not the distro version)
	should upgrade. You can check your cpan(1) version with `cpan -v`

1.5 - Fri Dec 23 16:59:18 2005

	* No need to upgrade unless you want the new features
	* Read the Change files with -C
	* List the authors with -A
	* List extended module details with -D
	* List all modules for authors with -L

1.4 - Tue Jul  6 00:36:51 2004
	* added -f option to permit a "force install"
	* removed File::Find::Rule and Test::File prereqs

1.3 - Thu Dec 12 00:37:31 2002
	* the first distribution with MakeMaker support
	* no changes to the code that comes with

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