Revision history for App-Du-Analyze

v0.2.1      2015-04-28
    - Specify minimal version of perl to 5.8.x.
        - CPANTS / Kwalitee
    - Add provides to META.yml.
        - CPANTS / Kwalitee

v0.2.0      2015-03-09
    - Remove dependency on Moo/MooX/MooX::late.
        - Seemed like an overkill for such a small and simple app.
    - Remove dependency on List::MoreUtils.
        - To avoid unnecessary deps.

v0.0.5      2015-01-25
    - Add inc/ to the git repo, so minting a new release.

v0.0.4      2014-05-04
    - Add minimal prereq on Getopt::Long 2.36 for GetOptionsFromArray.
        - There were test failures with older Getopt::Long-s.

v0.0.3      2014-05-02
    - Convert t/app.t from IPC::System::Simple to Test::Trap hoping to
    fix test failures on MS Windows.
        - we also don't use a separate process now but rather capture

v0.0.2      2014-05-01
    - Change the meta resources/links to point to the actual repository at
        - Thanks to pyon from Freenode for noticing it.
    - Add DESCRIPTION and correct some typos.

v0.0.1      2014-04-30
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world