0.957 2015-11-10
- fixed misplaced die() in handling request_header
0.956 2013-07-31
- fixed bug that children, which got forked because maxconn was reached, did
  not exit after all requests were done.
- better output when dumping state (eg kill -USR1..)
0.955 2013-07-24
- new option -M|--maxconn to limit number of connections per child
0.954 2013-07-23
- new option -C|--childs to fork children and keep them running.
  might be used to spread load or to just make sure, that child gets
  restarted if it crashes
0.953 2013-07-23
- fixes for endless loop or late close on end of data
0.952 2013-07-04
- option -l|--log [rx] to adjust displaying of log messages
0.951 2013-07-02
- add support for IMP_FATAL
- fix support of IMP_PAUSE and IMP_CONTINUE
- fix closing after everything is done - don't close to early if analyzer
  takes too long (like with remote analyzer)
0.950 2013-06-21
- export eventloop to IMP plugins
- do get_interface before set_interface to make sure caller supports what we
0.949 2013-06-12
- remove max-in-analyzer option and related code in IMP.pm.
  Instead the IMP_PAUSE|IMP_CONTINUE interface is supported so that an 
  analyzer itself can control flow
0.948 2013-06-12
- only try to determine CApath if mitm_ca is given
0.947 2013-06-04
- fix Bug when full buffer got replaced
0.946 2013-06-01
- fix SSL intercept when using upstream proxy
0.945 2013-05-30
- add SSL interception feature, see documentation and look for mitm_ca
- more reliable accounting
- imporove meta data in Makefile.PL
0.944 2013-05-03
- fixed bug where it did not write remaining data after short write and thus
  caused the connection to hang.
0.9434 2013-04-26
- fixed issue when getting a pass until last data, but no eof yet. Occured
  together with Net::IMP::Cascade when using multiple filters
0.9433 2013-04-24
- fixed memory leak
0.9432 2013-04-09
- ignore 1xx preliminary responses, e.g. do not send to IMP plugin
0.9431 2013-03-22
- fix crash after IMP deny
0.943 2013-03-04
- IMP_DENY: give 403 response with reason if response header was not sent yet
- quote accounting values if necessary
0.942 2013-02-21
- better debugging 
- accept replacements of empty buffers
- stability improvements
- make IMP_MAX_IN_ANALYZER configurable
0.941 2013-02-08
- restored functionality, that plugin might rewrite URL to 
  internal://orig_url and than create the response itself
- fix content decoding (gzip..) if it is upfront known, that
  the body will not change. In this case the client will get
  the origiganl encoded content, but the analyzer gets the
  decoded content
0.94 2013-02-07
- major rewrite of Request.pm and IMP.pm:
  - don't use InspectChain any longer in Request,
  - decode content only if inspection of content is required
  - defer sending request header as long as content-length is not known
0.931 2013-01-23
- stability improvements on connection errors
- improvements to FakeResponse for URIs ending with '/'
0.93 2013-01-22
- add FakeResponse plugin to hijack requests and send alternate response 
  w/o contacting server
- fixed upstream handling for https tunnel (e.g. CONNECT)
0.92 2013-01-22
- added support for upstream proxy via listen_ip:port=upstream_host:port syntax
- fixed stalled handling in Relay.pm
0.91 2013-01-15
- extend default search path with Net::IMP::HTTP
- fixes, especially with replacements
0.9 2013-01-15
- moved LogFormData to Net::IMP::HTTP dist
0.8 2013-01-14
- add forgotten requirement Net::IMP::HTTP to Makefile.PL
0.7 2013-01-11
- convert to use Net::IMP::HTTP
0.6 2012-12-10
- make LogFormData accept any data types
- improve debug message - non-printable as \OOO etc
- fix handling of responses with no content-length (or with content-length
  removed due to uncompressing)
0.5 2012-12-10
- add special IMP types for HTTP
  - use typed buffers instead of stream handling internally
  - adapt CSRFprotect to use these
- various bug fixes
0.4 2012-11-28
- require 5.12.4, 5.10.1 has Socket module w/o inet_ntop etc and because
  5.10 is end of live there is no motivation to work around it
- plugin to use can also be given as IMP factory object, not only class name
0.3 2012-11-22
- document and fix behavior on SIGUSR1, add debug toggling for SIGUSR2
0.2 2012-11-22
- quick fix to bin/http_proxy_imp which still used method run instead of start
0.1 2012-11-22 
- initial version, moved from Net::Inspect tools/http_inspection_proxy to 
  own namespace