Revision history for Perl extension App-Koyomi


2018-03-31 v0.6.1  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Change: Authority from @key-amb to @progrhyme . Locations of repository
      & documentation site has moved.

2015-07-19 v0.6.0  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Fix: Wait child processes using Proc::Wait3

2015-06-07 v0.5.2  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Fix: Add necessary module dependency (DBD::SQLite)

2015-06-07 v0.5.1  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Add: Command-line options for koyomi-cli - --config|-c <Str> to specify
      config path, --debug|-d for debug logging.

2015-06-07 v0.5.0  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Add: SQLite schema
    - Add: Fake implementation of semaphore datasource module

2015-06-07 v0.4.2  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Add: koyomi command-line options - --config|-c <Str> to specify config path,
      --debug|-d for debug logging.

2015-06-07 v0.4.1  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Feature: koyomi-cli - CRUD for job records.

2015-05-31 v0.3.0  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Change: Divide jobs' timetable datasource from jobs data
    - Feature: Enable to specify user to execute job command
    - Fix: Allow multiple schedule records per job
    - Improvement: Safely update jobs to improve worker's availability

2015-05-29 v0.1.4  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Fix: Include script/koyomi to dist package
    - Fix: Module requirements in META.json
    - Fix: Some wrongness of PODs related to Teng DataSource

2015-05-28 v0.1.0  IKEDA Kiyoshi <>

    - Initial Release.
    - Feature: koyomi worker job scheduler
    - Feature: Customizable config file
    - Feature: Teng w/ MySQL support for Job Datastore
    - Feature: Lock record for Teng w/ MySQL not to run job coincidently