Revision history for App-ManiacDownloader

v0.0.12     2015-03-25
    - Wrote an answer to "Does it guarantee the best speed".
    - Start implementing the download-multiple-URLs.
        - Still not fully implemented.

v0.0.11     2015-01-28
    - Add support for downloading FTP URLs.
    - Convert from to JSON::MaybeXS.

v0.0.10     2014-04-30
    - Convert _open_fh_for_read_write_without_clobbering to a single sysopen
        - Thanks to Steven Haryanto for the tip.

v0.0.9      2014-04-30
    - Restart connections on a timeout of 18 seconds.
        - Not thoroughly tested.

v0.0.8      2014-02-02
    - Fix the =encoding directive at the POD.

v0.0.7      2014-01-25
    - Minimum requirement on perl-5.012.
        - Kwalitee / CPANTS

v0.0.6      2014-01-21
    - Minimum requirement on Getopt::Long.
        - Fix test failures such as

v0.0.5      2014-01-17
    - Fix the resuming of downloads. The problem was that the opens
    of the resumed buffer file, clobbered the existing file because we used
    '+>' to open it.

v0.0.4      2013-10-26
    - Add MooX::late to the Prereqs.
        - Its lack made the distribution fail.

v0.0.3      2013-10-25
    - Add a Test::TrailingSpace test to dist.ini .
    - Make sure the application can be interrupted and resumed.
        - it saves a JSON file upon getting an interrupt.

v0.0.2      2013-10-09
    - Add MANIFEST.SKIP and filter out the **/*~ files.

v0.0.1      2013-09-26
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world