Revision history for App-Midgen

0.34 2014-05-25
 - Bump to 0.34 and out to CPAN

0.33_05 2014-05-18
 - ignore dirs - bug found by farabi, azawawi++
 - Info: now only if verbose >= 1

0.33_03 2014-05-03
 - conversion to using MetaCPAN::Client -> issue #7

0.33_01 2014-04-27
 - tweak regexs to allow lower case modules

0.32 2014-04-08
 - Bump to 0.32 and out to CPAN
 - update tests

0.31_07 2014-04-06
 - fix issue with 2nd part of mro catch to only recast for meta1
 - re-write parts of Eval
 - various tweaks to tidy up the display of found data via verbose

0.31_05 2014-03-22
 - add MRO::Compat meta-1.x recast
 - tweak logic to ignore mro - MRO::Compact regardless
 - add skip to ignore unknown modules in t/

0.31_03 2014-03-22
 - add heuristics catach for runtimerecommends -> runtimerequires
 - add heuristics catach for testsuggests -> testrequires
 - do phase_relationship ajustment before calling output formats

0.31_01 2014-03-17
 - Add phase-requirments to infiles data store
 - Add pmv mro catch
 - Add catch for MRO::Compat tidy up
 - Retain the search phase-relationship for some more huristics

0.30 2014-03-12
 - bump to 0.30 and out

0.29_13 2014-03-11
 - switch to getcwd
 - switch to $] from $PERL_VERSION for perl 5.8 support
 - update licence year
 - add if can_xs to mi and midsl

0.29_11 2014-03-01
 - refactor internals to use meta2 phase-requirements naming internally
 - rewite to support perl 5.8.1
 - move use constant before Moo
 - rewrite with out smartmatch
 - ignore sub blocks - false positive in Eval

0.29_09 2014-03-23
 - hack the version check from Module::Version
 - simplify the installed version check
 - use version::is_lax as and where
 - re-write to only use p-mv
 - check all perl files in found (lib/ script/ share/ bin t/)
 - check for min-ver in above also if exists
 - remove v5.10 where it is not needed and add eval VERSION
 - move composed methods in to a role - InDistribution

0.29_07 2014-02-15
 - switch to Module::Vesrion over ExtUtils::Installed->version

0.29_05 2014-02-15
 - Fix test for is_core in infiles

0.29_03 2014-02-15
 - Add Installed attribute to infile
 - Switch to File::Slurp::Tiny nudge from ETHER++

0.29_01 2014-02-09
 - Fix typos in EUMM NEILB++

0.28 2014-02-08
 - Tweak Eval to catch postif cruff

0.27_13 2014-02-05
 - re-enable xtest for t and xt

0.27_11 2014-02-04
 - update licence year uft8 -> UTF-8 in pod
 - tidy and a skip for infile - so that we don't bother with metacpan-api
 - rewrite scanner Eval more accurate less code
 - add optional prefix [Module::Runtime::]* to regex
 - use the new scanners Eval & UseModule show output in infile
 - update cpanfile & metajson outputs to display runtime_recommends

0.27_09 2014-02-02
 - fix failing test

0.27_07 2014-02-02
 - fix find-min-version I did knot know it was f***** Ouch :)
 - Add output Format EUMM -> ExtUtils::MakeMaker
 - remove the dzil format option

0.27_05 2014-01-26
 - Update additional scanners to extract version strings where possible if
   present, used by infile format
 - Add UseModule scanner for Module::Runtime Includes
 - hack for finding try blocks as well
 - Fix bug found by oliver++ where we were not checking module names first
   char was upper
 - add a valid licence to all files
 - regex tweak for perl script to support #!perl

0.26 2013-07-28
 - Add EXE_FILES to dzil output format
 - use rwp as and where to increase readability
 - Add require Class::XSAccessor if can_cc for Moo
 - Fix min-version status, opps it was back to front
 - Add output format METAjson
 - Add output format infile
 - Update Eval scanner to take four
 - Update Test-Requires scanner to take two
 - use can_xs instead of can_cc ribasushi++
 - start of experimental only displaying a module once 

0.24 2013-06-03
 - fix duplicate package name issue
 - refactor the output format into composed roles

0.23 2013-06-03
 - refactor to use Perl::MinimumVersion::Fast for speed and coverage
 - turn of anit-noise for PPI::XS if present
 - switch Roles to use Type::Tiny

0.22 2013-05-08
 - Rename output format option from build to mb, azawawi++
 - switch --verbose option over to support -v and -vv
 - re-write using test-requires, we also find includes as well
 - Turn off experimental warnings if > v17.5.10 rjbs++
 - Add trait to find Test-requires
 - Add trait to find use_ok

0.21 2013-04-04
 - Rename output format option from cfile to cpanfile miyagawa++

0.20 2013-04-03
 - re-write noisy children
 - add cfile output format option for cpanfile prereqs
 - refactor my roles, comment out cruff
 - some eol and pod tweaks
 - Add first attamp at finding dzill plugins
 - Add dzill children to experimental option

0.18 2013-03-24
 - spelling mauke++
 - refactor option names, inspired by mauke++
 - changed default output, no extra processing, only distribution version
   for modules without a version number mst++
 - Add cmd option to show dual-line module versions
 - All extra passing is now done in via experimental option
 - Add ability to read options from ~/.midgenrc and write as well.
 - Add color to experimental output only via Term-ANSIColor

0.16 2013-03-17
 - Fix bug in code - Use of implicit split to @_ is deprecated, moved into
   composed method degree_separation and refactor

0.15 2013-03-17
 - Silly mistake, fix version number, removed trayling zeros

0.14 2013-03-17
 - Now using Perl-PrereqScanner to do most of the grunt work as pointed out
   by Mithaldu++ daxim++ thanks guys.
 - Switch to using MetaCPAN-API due to a write issue with CPAN, neilb++
 - As a side affect of MetaCPAN-API we no longer have an 'undef' version
   type, we also run noisy children against test requires
 - All version numbers are now numified
 - Added a time stamp, as we lost the free one from CPAN 

0.12 2013-03-07
 - Rewrite of all POD
 - Add perl-minversion test
 - Add method _is_perl to better test for vaild perl files
 - A major refactoring to speed up operation
 - base/parent know handles parent -norequire
 - Do a version check for mojo catch
 - Add no_index to Output
 - More info output as food for thought

0.10 2013-02-22
 - be tougher on edge cases checking in tests for lines begin with use
 - stop looking when we have found a couple of files for a package name
 - add a timer to add with perception
 - tidy some reg-ex up, some pbp to boot
 - adding twins checking
 - lets do some composition composed methods
 - handle a test output without a package name azawawi++ [0583fda]
 - adjust test so that we don't duplicate recommends
 - Output format various changes
 - Update Changes and tidy

0.08 2013-02-13
 - tweak the wiki page [582b3a1]
 - tweak the POD for clarity [2b73d2f]
 - remove autodie as WE are not doing any thing directly [d56e610]
 - add test for use in an eval in testing [163576a]
 - add test for use in an eval in testing add a second test for double to
   complement single quote [4933099]
 - add filters for the extra testing of t/ files to remove unwanted text
   2nd go, still more to do [bed7915]
 - pod pod pod, it's almost fun [5505f08]
 - at last the test is 'not defined' as undef is ignored  [73baf27]
 - Update Changes [82b1ba4]
 - Add some running comments [a895b67]
 - Add a catch block  [0f6f731]
 - add dzil to roles [eff562f]
 - Add an and move all output formats to it start of [7f85598]
 - that's the ruff copy of main body output in [8deb173]
 - that's double quoted the dzil module names done [588addc]
 - spellcheck [dd315f7]
 - Update Changes [16d9516]

0.07 2013-02-10
 - Update Changes [d62fc0b]
 - remove strictures [dd86b71]
 - remove an unwanted dependency [5eaca1d]
 - put a copy of pod in [4100b1a]
 - bump to version 0.07 [1b1bcc4]

0.06 2013-02-10
 - first pass of midgen against it's self,  [6a37b2e]
 - first attempt at a Role with the GetOpps Long cmd variables [61c8e11]
 - Add noise control for PPI::XS test, we can't use it			   
      as it has deprecated calls [8f6d32e]
 - encapsulated attributes [5efce18]
 - cooking on gas, as it was, so we are working [722185f]
 - add some encapsulated attributes to store our module and version info in
 - run against self - update with minilist contents [3b18315]
 - use block form -> map [feef369]
 - add some error checking to out attributes [35180ab]
 - add defaults to attributes [909ee9e]
 - the out come of re-reading PPI pod, a tweak here and there [2331f55]
 - Hack for use_ok in test files, Ouch! but working [57a93e9]
 - opps duplicates. yuck, ok now [5c0d4df]
 - the joy of re-factoring, fixing things that used to work :) [50e9caa]

0.05 2013-02-04
 - Initial release. (BOWTIE)
 - which is ver 0.05