Revision history for perl module App::PrereqGrapher

0.14 2016-03-22 NEILB
    - One of the tests has always been failing on Windows, because it was
      failing to delete a test file that it created. Have made this not
      result in test failure, but also output more info, so I can try and
      work out why the unlink fails.

0.13 2016-03-16 NEILB
    - Better error message if you try to generate SVG format graph,
      but don't have Graph::Easy::As_svg installed. Also mentioned this
      in SEE ALSO. Thanks to Bartosz Jakubski.

0.12 2015-10-25 NEILB
    - Added --help option to prereq-grapher script. Thanks to SZABGAB.
    - Include META.json in releases, and tag and push to github
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username

0.11 2014-02-05
    - timeout/depth could only be single-digit numbers
      (fix from ZOFFIX).

0.10 2014-02-02
    - Don't write to STDERR unless verbose option was given
    - Now used different filenames for each test, maybe that's
      causing the fails ...

0.09 2014-02-01
    - Changed the test filenames to fit in 8.3, in case that's
      why my Win32 tests are failing...

0.08 2014-02-01
    - After creating files in testsuite, chmod 0600 them before unlinking.
      Hopefully that will fix some test failures on Win32...

0.07 2014-01-30
    - Specified min perl version 5.6.0

0.06 2012-12-09
    - Added -timeout option to prereq-grapher and timeout param to App::PrereqGrapher
    - Made a change to hopefully address some Win32 failures from CPAN Testers

0.05 2012-12-05
    - Added depth option, so you can limit the depth of dep graph generated

0.04 2012-12-03
    - Rewrote my internal is_core() function while submitting it as a feature
      request for Module::CoreList

0.03 2012-12-03
    - added options to control whether core modules should be included
      - not include core modules
      - include core modules but not their dependencies
      Both suggested by Toby Inkster
    - Added verbose option; warnings about unfound modules now only shown
      in verbose mode

0.02 2012-12-03
    - forgot to include the following in my dist.ini:
      I'm such a Dist::Zilla n00b

0.01 2012-12-02
    - initial release