4.0.25  2018-06-06 08:48:39 PDT
        * totable: Correct --delim option name in help.  Thanks to Tomohiro
          Hosaka for the report!

4.0.24  2017-07-31 09:41:23 PDT
        * Remove duplicate key in JSON input that caused errors from
          Cpanel::JSON::XS on CPAN Testers.  Reported by Slaven Rezić as
          [rt.cpan.org #122646].

4.0.23  2017-07-19 10:18:50 PDT
        * tojsonarray: A new command for outputting the record stream as a
          single JSON array.  Complements the existing fromjsonarray.

        * Support for running a Perl script under the recs libraries with:
            recs -- file.pl [arguments]

        * Site lib versions are reported by `recs --version` if available

    [Bug fixes]
        * More reliably determine the fatpack-status of recs

4.0.22  2016-11-09 16:24:48 PST
        * fromcsv: Support custom quote character to aid in parsing weird CSVs

        * Correct contributor information for Punyashloka Biswal

        * Add required author dependency on Test::Pod 1.41

4.0.21  2016-10-26 22:00:39 PDT
    [Bug fixes]
        * fromcsv: Fatalize parsing errors instead of silently stopping
        * fromcsv: Support custom escape character to aid in parsing weird CSVs

        * Normalize more author names/addresses in the contributors list

        * Travis CI: Test on Perl 5.22 and 5.24

        * Switch to Git::Contributors (away from ContributorsFromGit)

4.0.20  2016-02-23 21:28:40 PST
    All changes in the previous two trial releases, plus a bug fix:

    [Bug fixes]
        * collate: recformin aggregator was until now acting like recformax!

4.0.19-TRIAL  2015-12-30 13:58:01 PST - TRIAL DEVELOPMENT RELEASE
    [Bug fixes]
        * xform/annotate: Guard against trailing comments in snippets

        * Travis CI: Use new container-based infrastructure for continuing support
        * Travis CI: Install a more appropriate and limited set of dependencies

4.0.18-TRIAL  2015-11-28 15:46:45 PST - TRIAL DEVELOPMENT RELEASE
        * Avoid known-bad Cpanel::JSON::XS versions

        * Document the release process in devel/README.md

        * Report diagnostics on module versions during automated smoke testing

4.0.17  2015-11-20 18:29:48 PST
    [Bug fixes]
        * fromcsv: Properly handle --header when reading multiple files with
          different header lines.  Previously, headers from each file
          accumulated in order, causing the fields of earlier files to be used
          for later files.  This was not noticeable when each file shared the
          same header.

        * s/PERL/Perl/g in various ancient places
        * Add Thomas Sibley to the authors

4.0.16  2015-09-19 17:51:52 PDT
        * Add Pg support for database commands (fromdb/todb)

4.0.15  2015-07-24 16:44:49 PDT
        * collate: added a --no-bucket option
        * sort: force a stable sort, always
        * join: composite key support
        * toprettyprint: optionally align values

        * Corrected spelling and typos

4.0.14  2015-04-19 21:14:29 PDT
        * Look for site classes to load in ~/.recs/site/ and any path provided
          by RECS_SITELIB
        * Report loaded sites in `recs --version`

    [Bug fixes]
        * Rewrite shebang lines of scripts when installing to ensure the
          correct, install-time Perl is used regardless of environment
        * Site-provided operations are now listed under `recs --list-commands`

        * Skip all fromdb tests when DBD::SQLite isn't available
        * New tests for App::RecordStream::Site

4.0.13  2015-03-17 21:02:40 PDT
    [Bug fixes]
        * fromjsonarray package now returns a true value

        * RECS_TRACE=1 now makes recs print debugging information about
          command loading
        * Include a CPAN version badge for Github

4.0.12  2015-01-22 22:02:22 PST
        * Spelling fixes.  Thanks, James!

4.0.11  2015-01-15 20:35:07 PST
    First non-trial release with the "recs" command!  Aside from some small
    changes noted below, this release is largely the same as 4.0.10-TRIAL.

        * Don't offer fromtcpdump on Perl < 5.10 due to NetPacket support

        * Don't use bash-isms in tests, less /bin/sh is something like dash
        * Travis CI integration: https://travis-ci.org/benbernard/RecordStream

4.0.10-TRIAL  2015-01-07 14:50:24 PST - TRIAL DEVELOPMENT RELEASE
        * Cleaned up App::RecordStream/README overview
        * New installation instructions
        * Documented the recs command and how to extend recs
        * Removed outdated documentation for alternate install methods
        * Added a "recs help" command
        * Provided examples and story as "recs examples" and "recs story",
          as well as linkable POD
        * fromps: Document default fields for both Linux and OS X, regardless
          of the OS of the releasing author

        * Bash completion for recs subcommands, see etc/completion.bash

        * Account for Woothee version 1.0.0's os_version field

        * Move to a vanilla Dist::Zilla releng process for easier customization
        * Version the in-tree fatpacked recs with a git-based version, for
          better precision

4.0.9  2014-10-26 14:39:55 PDT - TRIAL DEVELOPMENT RELEASE
        * fromcsv, tocsv: add a --delim option to use a field delimiter other
          than commas
        * fromjsonarray: Support flattening multiple arrays, concatenated

    [Bug fixes]
        * Conditionalize optional dependencies of fromdb, todb, fromatomfeed,
          and fromxml so that they don't assume their modules are installed.

4.0.8  2014-10-17 15:57:12 PDT - TRIAL DEVELOPMENT RELEASE
    * Authoring tooling switched to Dist::Milla
    * Optional dependencies are now provided in the metadata; use cpanm's
      --with-feature=... option to install them
    * New git-like recs command which dispatches to operations (xform, fromcsv, etc)
    * New entirely self-contained ("fatpacked") version of new recs command
      which requires only libraries bundled with core Perl 5.8+

4.0.7 - 2014-08-16

    * Compatibility with Perl 5.21, the development series which will lead to 5.22

4.0.6 - 2014-06-04

    * Features
        - recs-assert: Assert truths about your record streams (Thomas Sibley)

    * Documentation
        - recs-xform: Correctly refer to push_output() instead of the
          nonexistent push_record() (Thomas Sibley)

4.0.5 - 2014-04-21

    * Features
        - recs-fromjsonarray: Unwrap records in a JSON array (Brandon Forehand)
        - recs-fromxferlog: Parse various FTP transfer log formats (Tomohiro Hosaka)
        - recs-fromapache: Parse various Apache log formats (Tomohiro Hosaka)
        - recs-fromapache: Optionally parse user agents with Woothee (Tomohiro Hosaka)
        - recs-collate: New aggregators array and uarray (Thomas Sibley)

    * Documentation
        - recs-join: Clarify that there's a difference between no operation
          and an empty operation (Thomas Sibley)
        - recs-join: Show usage when dbfile is not provided (Thomas Sibley)
        - recs-delta: Show usage when --key is not provided (Thomas Sibley)
        - Format and correct SYNOPSIS for App::RecordStream::OptionalRequire

    * Tests
        - Use a different "never installed" module than Foo::Bar, which does
          exist on backpan and which at least one CPAN smoker has installed
          (Thomas Sibley)

4.0.4 - 2014-02-13

    - Documentation: Fix typos in usage documentation for fromkv and flatten
      (Brandon Forehand)

    - Tests: Re-open STDIN using in-memory strings instead of `echo` to work on
      more platforms (Thomas Sibley)

4.0.3 - 2014-02-08

    - Help: Fix quoting which hid the default delimiter to recs-fromsplit

4.0.2 - 22 Jan 2014

    - Tests: fix DomainLanguage.t comparison on perls compiled with
      uselongdouble (Eli Lindsey)

4.0.1 - 16 Jan 2014

    - Added forgotten Changes entry for 4.0.0.  Code is exactly the same as

4.0.0 - 16 Jan 2014

    - Change all versions to 4.0.0 so that we can stick with x.y.z for future

3.7.5 - 16 Jan 2014

    - Change individual package versions to 3.7 (from 3.7.4) and bump release
      version to 3.7.5 due to PAUSE indexing version comparison requirements

3.7.4 - 16 Jan 2014

    - New commands: recs-substream, recs-multiplex, recs-frommongo (Eli
      Lindsey, Keith Amling, Ben Bernard)

    - Switch from XML::Simple to XML::Twig to handle large documents and
      preserve document order (Eli Lindsey)

    - Nested XML elements are now forced into arrays (Eli Lindsey)

    - Support -M and -m, a la perl itself, for operations that accept snippets
      (Thomas Sibley)

    - Lexically sort keys if no order is specified for a better user experience
      and passing tests on 5.18 (Eli Lindsey)

    - totable now respects explicit key ordering (Ben Bernard)

    - Handle input streams as bytes instead of assuming UTF-8 (Shawn Halpenny)

    - New and updated documentation for many operations

    - Fix various --help-* options to recs-collate, recs-join, recs-multiplex
      (Keith Amling, Ben Bernard, Thomas Sibley)

    - Fix normalize time issues with newer Date::Manip versions (Ben Bernard)

    - Require Text::CSV_XS 0.98 to avoid a bug with embedded newlines (Thomas

    - Exec recs-chain with the same perl running the tests [rt.cpan.org #76879]
      (Thomas Sibley)

    - Skip failing tests in fromtcpdump.t which are TODO (Thomas Sibley)

3.7.3 - Added snippet variable passing
        --list for collate works again

3.7.2 - Added tarball creation
        Added --mr-agg and --ii-agg shortcut args to recs-collate
        Adding --sort-to-end to recs-toptable
        Updated checked in documentation
        Fixed first argument double indented problem

3.7.1 - Fix optional dependencies for easier CPAN and clean system installs
        Moved to 3 part version scheme to fix problems with dev releases in

3.7_01 - Fix CPAN Manifest / distro

3.7 - Added alternative clumping mechanisms for decollate and collate

3.6_01 - Minor distro changes

3.6 - Added recs-annotate
      Added recs-decollate
      recs-fromsplit - get trailing empty fields on lines, now
      Adding <<>> for code snippets in domain language
      Options and Operations refactor (big refactors)
      Added --filename-key option to all scripts
      Added linearreg aggregator
      Added --ignore-nulls flag to recs-collate
      Adding -B, -A, -C to xform
      Added --post and --pre snippets to xform
      Added push_input and push_output helper functions to xform snippets
      Added xform dl aggregator

3.5_01 - Minor CPAN Changes

3.5 - Adding Domain Language for collate aggregators
      Adding man files for all recs-* scripts
      Adding sorting toptable fields
      Changing code snippet file read behavior to require -E
      Support for generating .deb install file
      Additional alias for -a corr
      Added ord2map alias

3.4_01 3.4_02 - Minor changes for CPAN Compatibility

3.4 - Updated modules names from Recs::* to App::RecordStream
      Other changes for building in CPAN
      Changed xform to use $r for splitting records

3.3 and Before - Pre-tracking of this file