1.1 Sun Aug 29 09:52:13 EDT 2010
* Handle revision strings with leading "r"'s, RT #57837, Coke++.
* Set LC_MESSAGES to "C" to avoid parse errors, RT #56963, Casiano++.
* Fix tmpdir cleanup in the test suite, RT #59766, Rurban++.
* Update the example text in the perldoc for the new svn repository location.

1.0 Fri Dec  4 10:55:23 EST 2009
* Add a message when we start fetching lots of history; it can take a while.
* Add "svn-bisect run", Coke++ for nagging me about this.
* Restrict option parsing to options that occur before the subcommand; this
  leaves later options intact (so we can pass them to "run" commands).
* Fix a small bug in "svn-bisect good", which triggered at bisect-setup time
  when the user runs it after "bad" and didn't pass a revision number.
* "reset" does not reset you back to the original revision by default.  Use
  --back if you want the old behavior.

0.9 Thu Nov 19 06:26:08 EST 2009
* Change "repository maximum" to "revision history maximum", per RT #46566.
* Implement revision lists for skip and unskip commands, per RT #51703.

0.8 Sat May  2 06:05:18 PDT 2009
* Be a bit smarter about skipped revisions when emitting the "bisect finished"
  message.  (RT #43289)
* Accept an "r" prefix for the revision argument to "before" and "after"
  ("good" and "bad"), previously svn-bisect would expect a bare number and get
  confused by this.

0.7 Tue Feb 10 09:27:05 PST 2009
* Bring the "svn-bisect" manpage up to date.
* Change 'start' and the initial logic to behave more like git-bisect: if min
  and max are not specified, don't assume the maximum possible range and
  immediately start bisecting.  Instead, wait until the user has given these
  values with the "before" and "after" commands, and don't do anything until
  that's happened.  (This change may surprise some users who are used to the
  behavior of older versions, but it will reduce surprise from people used to
* Switch to YAML::Syck for a 1000% speed boost (plus or minus some) on
  repositories with huge logs.
* Change the final state a bit, so that when the final revision is reached,
  the config file is updated.  (This reduces confusion when the end is reached
  and then subsequent commands are issued.)

0.6 Fri Jul  4 09:26:41 PDT 2008
* Minor tweak to test as much as possible and still pass even when svn isn't

0.5 Wed Jul  2 22:29:14 PDT 2008
* Add optional revision argument to "skip", "before" and "after" commands.
* Handle error returns from svn more gracefully; allow the user to resume
  (by re-running the same command).
* Add "unskip" and "view" commands.
* Handle --help properly.
* Depend on Test::Output and Test::Exception.
* Tweak the testsuite for 100% test coverage.
* Add pod and pod coverage tests.
* Doc update.

0.4 Sat May  3 08:51:14 PDT 2008
* Don't bother with "Revision:" - "Last Changed Rev:" has been in subversion
  ever since "svn info" was added.
* Add a --verbose (-v) option... svn command invocations are hidden by default.
* Update the screenshot accordingly.
* Tweak the testsuite for better test coverage.

0.3 Thu May  1 06:36:38 PDT 2008
* Prefer "Last Changed Rev:" over "Revision:", when parsing "svn info"
* Add a basic test script.

0.2 Wed Apr 30 10:53:33 PDT 2008
* Some POD whitespace fixes.

0.1 Wed Apr 30 10:51:16 PDT 2008
* Initial version.