Changelog for App-SpreadRevolutionaryDate

0.28 2020-01-07T22:52:14
 - Fix #131391: Mastodon::Client 0.016 sends now '599 Internal Exception'
   when authentication fails

0.27 2020-01-07T22:50:58Z
 - Fix #131391: Mastodon::Client 0.016 sends now '599 Internal Exception'
   when authentication fails

0.26 2019-06-08T15:16:33Z
 - Add dependency to LWP::Protocol::https

0.25 2019-06-08T10:51:03Z
 - Remove channels added by Bot::BasicBot::irc_chanjoin_state with
   different case

0.24 2019-06-04T07:47:15Z
 - Fix backward compatibility processing of --acab option
 - Fix not prompting user if --promptuser_default option is set

0.23 2019-06-03T12:37:04Z
 - Fix skipping prompt only if --promptuser_default is set
 - Decode ARGV in UTF9 if PERL_UNICODE env var does not contain 'A'
 - Remove uneffective setting or PERL_UNICODE env var in BEGIN blocks

0.22 2019-05-29T08:43:15Z
 - Do not prompt if --promptuser_default option is set
 - Add --promptuser_default option as documented
 - Add --revolutionarydate_acab option as documented

0.21 2019-05-25T10:28:36Z
 - Fix spaces in italian feast name

0.20 2019-05-14T20:59:02Z
 - Update Freenode bot nick

0.19 2019-05-02T15:15:05Z
 - Fix typo in French feast name
 - Fix SEE ALSO sections

0.18 2019-04-10T07:07:40Z
 - Defaults locale to fr for RevolutionaryDtae and en otherwise

0.17 2019-04-09T22:17:55Z
 - Untranslated locale should default to fr as documented

0.16 2019-04-09T21:27:04Z
 - Unset locale for PromptUser if no .mo file

0.15 2019-04-09T18:09:04Z
 - Add Spanish translation of RevolutionaryDate and PromptUser msg makers
 - Fix typo in USAGE

0.14 2019-04-07T21:58:42Z
 - Fix errors in USAGE doc

0.13 2019-04-07T20:48:20Z
 - Fix pod links with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Pod::LinkCheck
 - Fix App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::MsgMaker namespace in SEE ALSO and

0.12 2019-04-07T15:26:49Z
 - Fix errors in USAGE doc

0.11 2019-04-07T14:26:45Z
 - Add German localization of PromptUser msgmaker
 - Add documentation for i18n/l10n
 - Let multivalued options be overridden by command line arguments
 - Add App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::MsgMaker::RevolutionaryDate::Locale
   role and moosify consuming classes
 - Add localization template
 - Add Italian localization
 - Overload DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary to extend defaults
   fr/en locales
 - Add localization with Locale::TextDomain

0.10 2019-03-30T20:59:56Z
 - Add --conf, --version and --help command line parameters
 - Fix and improve doc
 - Add default value when defined for options guessed from Target and
   MsgWriter consuming classes
 - Add wikipedia_link option to revolutionarydate msgmaker
 - Process wikipedia ambiguous links
 - Fix another typo in TODO
 - Fix typo in TODO

0.09 2019-03-27T18:52:18Z
 - Fix introspection of boolean targets attributes
 - Fix backward compatibility for acab option for RevolutionaryDate
 - Add PromptUser massage maker with documentation and tests
 - Allow to extend message crafting to something else than computing the
   revolutionary date
 - Move testing Mastodon and Twitter into regular tests (only
   authentication needs actual params)
 - Fix command line parameters in test of locales
 - Fix doc for sections in command line parameters wich should be followed
   by underscore, not dash
 - Use IO::Handle when testing print to output for Twitter and Mastodon
 - Improve readability of methods arguments
 - Fix yet another typo in doc
 - Fix another typo in doc
 - Fix typo in doc
 - Fix acab time in doc

0.08 2019-03-23T07:49:05Z
 - Replace deprecated command line arguments in doc usage
 - Fix link in doc
 - Fix encoding when testing print to output for Twitter and Mastodon

0.07 2019-03-22T15:03:21Z
 - Add documentation for extending pre-defined targets
 - Rename parameter of App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Target parameterized
   role to 'worker'
 - Add App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Target in SEE ALSO doc section
 - Fix encodings and use 5.014 instead of use strict; use warnings
 - Unify test for new target
 - Add xtest for spreading to a new target
 - Add a Moose::Role as interface for defining new targets
 - Use good old shebang
 - Fix locale set when computing date without acab option
 - Be modern: replace eval require by Class::Load
 - Update TODO
 - Add test for a new target (without spread)
 - Allow pre-defined targets to be easily extended
 - Revert "Rename App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Config constructor"
 - Use revolutionary quote for modules' return value
 - Rename App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Config constructor
 - Require targets classes only when needed
 - Revert "Build SIGNATURE only on release stage"
 - Replace targets attributes by an hashref of objects
 - Move target classes in App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Target namespace
 - Build SIGNATURE only on release stage
 - Remove Module::Build, one module builder is enough
 - Make it clear in docs that App:SpreadRevolutionaryDate::* are not
 - Revert "Explicit methods calls with parenthesis"
 - Explicit methods calls with parenthesis
 - Add method to compute message to spread
 - Factorize get_target_arguments
 - Update travis config file to run perl >= 5.14
 - Update meta files
 - Simplify Freenode tests by removing no_run argument
 - Add test for App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Freenode->obj (like other
 - Replace config attribute by explicit attributes in targets subclasses
 - Add wikipedia link for en locale
 - Delete linefeed before wikipedia link
 - Add wikipedia link
 - Fix computation of acab time independently of winter/summer time
 - Fix link in doc
 - Fix typo in doc
 - Upgrade to Module::Signature 0.83
 - Update TODO with nothing else than extending to other targets
 - Use accessors in tests
 - Moosify classes
 - Use defined-or operator for $no_run arg to
 - Configure travis on all perl stable releases
 - Add travis CI
 - Add SIGNATURE from build dir
 - Upgrade to Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ModuleBuild v6.012
 - Upgrade to Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InstallGuide 1.200012
 - Use defined-or operator instead of or to setting default value

0.06 2019-03-07T20:10:40Z
 - Add Net::Async::HTTP 0.43 requirement since previous versions fail
 - Sync with commit #2568084
 - Tidied up pod.
 - Add Signature with Dist::Zilla
 - Use File::HomeDir->my_home instead of {HOME} to please win32
 - Update autogenerated git readme
 - Add localization for spread message, only fr (default) or en!
 - Use config objects to test targets, using directly targets may lead to
 - Add SEE ALSO section in all modules pods
 - Fix nb tests in freenode_fake_credentials to pass Test::NoWarnings

0.05 2019-03-07T08:01:25Z
 - Move test no authentication to Freenode with fake credentials in xt
 - Fix escaping of greater than sign in pod formatting code
 - Use warnings in App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Config

0.04 2019-03-06T22:24:19Z
 - Add clean-namespace and unused-vars tests in MANIFEST
 - #128733 Add Net::OAuth 0.25 dependency
 - Add Test::UnusedVars
 - Add Test::CleanNamespaces
 - Auto generate minimum perl version using plugin [MinimumPerlFast].

0.03 2019-03-06T18:49:53Z
 - Allow Git::Check to by files changed by bumping version
 - Allow to edit Change log before releasing
 - Fix auto generated Changes
 - Add INSTALL file in git repository

0.02 2019-03-06T17:51:59Z
 - Add files generated by Dist::Zilla
 - Rename bin file name with dashes instead of underscores
 - Finalize Dist::Zilla config file
 - Delete some trailing spaces
 - Add sample configuration file
 - Add acab option for fixed 01:31:20 decimal time, otherwise current time
 - Remove LICENCE file that can be generate by Dist::Zilla
 - Fix typo in doc
 - Fix test reading DATA pseudofile twice
 - Override log method to silence bots instead of redirecting STDERR to
 - Force boolean context in App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::Config:check_*
 - Use App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate in script
 - Fix attribute name of Twitter object for spreading
 - Fix spreading method name with Mastodon::Client (post_status, not
 - Redirect STDERR to /dev/null *only* inside Freenode bot
 - Die if configuration parameter are missing for desired targets
 - Add tests for spreading to Freenode
 - Shutdown Freenode bot after some timeout
 - Add optional argument to App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate::spread for
   testing multiple Freenode bots
 - Add documentation about optional argument to
   App::SpreadRevolutionaryDate constructor
 - Add tests for spreading to Mastodon
 - Add tests for spreading to Twitter
 - Test authentication to Freenode with actual credentials in user config
 - Test no authentication on Freenode with fake credentials
 - Test no authentication on Mastodon with fake credentials
 - Move authentication to Freenode to spread method
 - Move subclass of Bot::BasicBot outside of
 - Disable coerce_entities since Mastodon::Client has trouble coercing
 - Using ssl on Freenode requires POE::Component::SSLify
 - Fix Bot::BasicBot methods calls
 - Add abstract for subclasses
 - Test Freenode configuration options
 - Test Mastodon configuration options
 - Test setting explicit target as command line argument
 - Rename authentication test with actual credentials in user config
 - Test authentication to Mastodon with actual credentials in user config
 - Test setting option as command line argument
 - Add pod documentation for methods
 - Disable pod coverage tests for now
 - Add tests for spreading objects with actual credentials in user config
 - Test no authentication on Twitter with fake credentials
 - Add fake configuration for tests
 - Rename test file
 - Switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker instead of Module::Build::Tiny
 - Add no warnings test for spreading objects
 - Add tests for spreading objects
 - Add tests for config
 - Add submodule to handle config
 - Add submodule to spread on Freenode
 - Add submodule to spread on Mastodon
 - Add submodule to spread on Twitter
 - Add base module
 - Add basic Dist::Zilla base config
 - Ignore dist directory with git

0.01 2019-03-02T22:45:20Z
 - Fix url in README
 - Initial TODO
 - Initial minimal documentation
 - Initial script with replaceable options
 - Initial commit