0.22 2015-06-23

- Revert the previous change.  We don't want to list
  pragmas at the end.  Inline:: grouping needs to be handled
  differently, preferrably in Tangerine itself.

0.21 2015-06-23

- Don't convert module and file names to lowercase before sorting
  them.  There's no reason for it and it messes Inline::* groups.

0.20 2015-05-15

- Added [GithubMeta] to dist.ini, so the repo will be listed in the
  dist metadata, and also [MetaJSON], so the release will include a
  META.json file.

0.19 2015-05-04

 - Yet another improvement/bugfix for the archive diff feature

0.18 2015-04-30

 - Fix a regression introduced in the previous release

0.17 2015-04-30

 - Make sure we chdir into a directory even if there isn't one in the
   tarball, thanks to Paul Howarth

0.16 2015-04-27

 - Fix a sorting bug

0.15 2015-04-24

 - Split from Tangerine
 - Complete rewrite for readability and possible future hacking
 - Clean and fast!
 - The output is slightly different now
 - Added support for parallel processing via MCE, see the -j option
 - Added support for diffs (dirs and tarballs), see the -d option
 - Added proper documentation